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Portable Signs 101

The key is to find the sign that works for you. There are so many signage options available, permanent placement, changeable, transitional and portable, fascia signs, pylon signs, banners, window decals and more. It’s hard to know what the best signs will be for your business, in this series we are going to break-down all the different signs to help you understand what works best for your business.  Check out our first in the series, all about Standee Banners, portable signs is the umbrella over standees and is a great option for many uses!

Our second sign is under the umbrella of “Portable Signs”

Portable signs are any sign that can be moved and relocated. They are not affixed to buildings or anchored in the ground. The short quick list is:

  1. A-frames or Sandwich boards
  2. Yard signs
  3. Banners 
  4. Billboards

The benefits of portable signage is they are easy to maintain, can be reused and easily changed between promotions and new messaging. 

A-Frames and Sandwich Board Uses and Benefits

  • All needs for directional signs. 
  • Realtors: They work great for realtors hosting open houses or want to advertise new listings. 
  • Weddings/events: Where is the reception? Where is the ceremony? Dance floor? Photo booth? Wedding options are endless. 
  • Tradeshows: Where is the registration table? 
  • Sidewalks: “We have a sale!” “We are open!” “Serving up awesome food!” and so much more
  • Parking: This is a really great option for directing traffic for parking.
  • Car shows: Show off the details of your build

Yard Signs

  • Elections!
  • Community events
  • Celebration signs
  • Political view signs 
  • Support signs: We love the Hate Has No Home Here sign we made for our client
Hate has no home here sign


  • Races
  • Events 
  • Malls
  • Trade shows
  • Confrences
  • Way finding signage
  • Promotional 
  • Layer signage

Check our blog for the Standee Banner 101 for more information


  • LED Billboards create a bright messaging 24 hours a day
  • Noticeable
  • Can be placed anywhere
  • Repeat messaging to trigger brand awareness

This is a short quick list to start the conversation of what signage avenue is the best for your company.

Why trust with your portable signage? 

From Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Leduc, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove and Fort Saskatchewan we cover Alberta for portable signs! 

Giving your customers the right message at the right time throughout your marketing campaign will be vital to stay current and memorable. As an added bonus for launching your campaign: when you rent with us, you don’t pay until the END of the first month’s rental!

When you work with Alberta Sign Rentals, you get so much more than yard signage: it’s our expertise and support we are renowned for. Our dedicated team of experts can guide you through the options available to you and help you choose the right signs to meet your needs. Contact us today!