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Sign materials 101 – Coroplast

There are all types of sign materials available, depending on your requirements it’s easy to choose the materials you need. In this edition, we are exploring the wide world of Coroplast signs. 

Coroplast Signs 

The plastic sign that looks like cardboard is coroplast. Coroplast, or corrugated plastic is an extremely versatile material that can be used for a variety of different purposes and comes in a variety of sizes. Coroplast is a staple in the sign industry and fills a lot of different purposes; yard signs, real estate, events, directional signage, A-frames or sandwich boards, and more. 


Size does matter – Ensuring your message is visible, a point of interest, and attracts new clientele is a must. Coroplast is a fantastic material that can be sized for all your needs and spaces. 

Lightweight – Transporting and storing signage can be a struggle for most companies. Coroplast is an extremely lightweight material that can save your back and your vehicle’s tow capacity for better things, like hauling your tiny shop trailer. If you need space in your car between craft shows or events to haul your products coroplast signage can lay flat and have boxes stacked on it. 

Durability – Coroplast is a lightweight yet durable product that can withstand most weather conditions for up to 2 years of consistent outdoor exposure. Indoors, coroplast can last decades. Coroplast is waterproof and can withstand all sorts of Alberta weather conditions and rapid changes. 

Easy Display – With many different ways to mount and display coroplast signs the advertising potential is extensive! Hung from the ceiling, wire mounting stakes for installation in the ground, inside an A-frame or sandwich board; the possibilities are endless. 
Affordability – Coroplast is incredibly affordable and recyclable.


Our client special ordered this sign and we love it! Hate Has No Home Here

Weddings- you don’t have to worry about how neat your handwriting is when signage can be digitally created, a little creativity is all you need.

A-frames or sandwich boards – can be used for everything. Check our previous blog here.

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