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Best ways to use sandwich board signs at events

Durable, mobile, reusable, and versatile: these are a few of the benefits of a sandwich board. Sandwich board, A-frame and A-board are some of the names this signage goes by. Generally, the sandwich board is used in places where there’s a lot of foot traffic, it’s lower to the ground so you can quickly catch attention. Stephan’s Avenue, Kensington and 9th Avenue in Inglewood are places in Calgary where lots of shops use eye-catching sandwich boards.

That’s not all you can use a sandwich board for. There are so many uses and creative ways to use A-frames to promote different types of events.

Show off your sandwich board at car shows

Many car owners like to really show off their car and the history behind it. Sandwich boards with the specs, customization, features and original parts (if any) are always a hit. Year, make, model are usually on the sandwich board with a big photo of the car. Sometimes there’s even build progress photos. This helps not only enthusiasts, but the everyday person, who has an interest and might not ask questions, to learn more about the car.

Sandwich boards are also fantastic for event hosts to feature the “Best in Show”, directions for the 50/50’s, raffles and prizing. They also work great for the entrances for cars, vendors and visitors.

Direct guests at weddings with a themed a-frame sign

“This Way to The Open Bar” written on an A-frame sign with an arrow in a fancy cursive font is a fun addition to a wedding. Using sandwich boards as wayfinding signage is a creative way to keep your guests and the party moving between locations, especially at an outdoor event.

There are so many options for sandwich boards to be used as wayfinding signage at weddings; couple it with a detailed handout and suddenly there’s less confusion and everyone knows where and when supper will be.

Put sandwich boards to work at your next festival

Sandwich boards can be used for entrances, parking notices, food trucks, and wayfinding signage. Does your festival have multiple stages? Various locations for venues? Sandwich boards can be a great addition to the layering of signage used throughout the event to keep designated spaces clear.

Does your festival have sponsors? An A-frame sign can be used to really highlight and thank your sponsors for their contributions.

Create movement at tradeshows and markets with a-frame signs

Tradeshows are a great place for A-frames, because convention halls are so tall it’s challenging to hang much from the ceiling. Markets can be challenging if they are hosted outdoors. The easiest and most economical way to create movement and announce shops and offerings is through sandwich boards which will entice customers to you.

Any event that needs solid, durable signage should consider A-frames a great option. If you’re looking for outdoor marketing in Calgary or need signage for an event in Edmonton, we have you covered. 

Need some inspiration for uses for sandwich boards? Check out our A-frame product page or our gallery to see examples of signs we’ve created.

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