Storefront and Pylon Signs

Rely on our affordable and eye-catching storefront and pylon signs to promote your business. 

We offer discounts for quantity orders – contact us for details!

Storefront Signage

Bring your customers right to your door with effective and attractive storefront signage. Plazas and outdoor malls in Edmonton and Calgary often require specific retail signage, and our solutions can meet any criteria while proudly displaying your business name. 

We also do bulb and ballast replacement service.

If you’re not required to use a specific type of storefront sign, contact us to create something unique and memorable!

Storefront signage prices include:

Pylon Signs

Be seen, even in the dark, even from a distance.  

Pylon signs (also known as highway signs) advertise your business using height and their proximity to roadways to grab attention. Long lasting and effective, pylon signs are a popular choice for shopping complexes, dealerships, or any company needing to drive traffic from the roadway to your door.

Stand out from the crowd.

Pylon signage prices include:

I have used Alberta Sign Rentals for two different locations throughout the city. I can not say enough good things, they are fast and efficient. I am impressed with the streamlined service and professionalism they provide. Thank you!

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