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Custom Home Prints

Big news! is more than just signs. We now offer Custom Art Prints!

In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic we realized we are all spending more time at home. With most offices working from home and now staying home, we want to help you create the best Zoom background for all your meetings or decorate your home with your family photos. Alternatively, we can help you decorate your business with beautiful works of art. 

If you work from home part-time, full-time, run your own business or just pay bills from your desk we want to help you create functionality and increase your productivity.

Here are some tips on creating the perfect office that works for you! 


Make your desk, filing cabinets or system and storage work for you. Creating a seamless workflow is a great way to increase productivity. Just because a piece of furniture looks great doesn’t mean it will work how you want it. Also, invest in a good chair you can spend hours working in. Your awesome retro vinyl kitchen chair may look great and works great for meals, however, it can wreak havoc on your back and posture. Another great option is the ability for a standing desk, you can use a standing desk converter to conveniently adapt your current desk.

Light and location

Being stuck in the basement is hard on motivation, it can be dark and hard to focus. Finding a space with lots of light from a window or higher ceilings and great lighting options will help you create the productive space you need. 

Position your desk so you’re not looking at a boring wall. Put your desk in front of the window so you have the view outside and great lighting for your Zoom meetings. The light from your window can be adjusted to create a soft light enhancing your features for your Tiktoks and instagram selfies too.


Painting your office a colour that helps your brain want to stay and work will help you focus. There are many different colours that will affect your mood, knowing what helps will change how productive your space is. 

If you live in a rental and can’t paint, look at peel and stick wallpaper. It’s a great way to adapt your rental for you!

Go Up! 

Short on space? The best way to overcome that is to organize your office vertically, making your walls work for you. If you are carving out a nook of the living space, use a shelving unit as a divider from living to working. It will create space and storage while making your office your own haven for focus.


Art can create a visual inspiration for you. Are you a traveller and want to work toward funding your adventures while being a paper pusher? Hang a large map or pieces of art you have picked up on your adventures to inspire you. 

The wall behind you while sitting at your desk can become the backdrop for your personality to shine in zoom meetings. Hang your own artwork or other visually appealing art to create an impressive, uncluttered backdrop for your meetings. 

This is where Alberta Sign Rentals come into the picture. We can print custom sizes of artwork, photos for your office and home to help inspire you. Our affordable rates mean you can save while making your office space look like you with the ability to change it out as often as you want. 

Quality, Functionality, and Support

Our custom printing offers you a high quality presentation foam board, that is light enough you won’t damage your walls or require challenging stud mounting. Functional to create the space that showcases you and your work. The support of our graphic team to help you choose the right photo or art for your space with digital proofs. You know what you’re getting and how it will look before it arrives in the space. 

Make your workspace work for you. Contact us today!