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Please stand six feet apart and social distance signs in blue and white are displayed on a tile floor due to COVID-19 as businesses and retail establishments begin to reopen.

Open For Summer – Alberta’s COVID Reopening Plan

The best way to market your business is to prepare a proactive marketing campaign rather than a reactive campaign. The best time to plan is now. has been working diligently to keep business open with the ever changing environment. We are committed to safety and providing your company with all of the required up to date information.

Over the last 15 months Alberta has had a wild ride of restrictions, openings, more restrictions and more reopenings. It has been a yo-yo of new information and a very uncertain time for businesses. Alberta is now coming out of the 3rd wave of the pandemic and vaccination rates are moving up. What does this mean for businesses

Premier Jason Kenney has declared that “Alberta will be Open for Summer 2021” by the beginning of July. That means all restrictions will be lifted in a short period of time, provided 70% of Albertans 12 and over have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccination. This means your signage and marketing should be ready to roll out as the proposed Stages roll out. 

Floor signs are here to stay

Some restrictions, such as floor decals and social distancing, will still apply until Alberta is completely open. These may or may not still be required once Alberta is completely open. An easy conversion as Alberta opens up for your floor decals is to start showcasing your company’s brand throughout your store. They are a great way to still keep everyone’s eyes moving around your shop. Check out our previous blog 10+ great ways to put floor decals to work in your business for some inspiration on floor decals.

Layer your signage for maximum impact

Standee banners are a great layering signage for your company. They are economical, versatile and portable so you can change and update your messaging quickly and easily. Proudly display that your company is open and ready for your customers; the customizable size, weight and height can ensure your company stands out from your competitors. 

Some other options to prepare your business for the reopening of Alberta are:

Stay ahead of the curve and be Open for Summer with the rest of Alberta! 

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