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10+ great ways to put floor decals to work in your business

Any business that welcomes customers through its doors can find a powerful use for floor decals. In this blog, we show examples of ways to use floor graphics to ensure customer safety and brand loyalty.

Floor graphics help keep customers safe

Safety floor graphics have become more mainstream during the pandemic to keep customers and employees safe in all businesses and stores. However, in busy industrial shops floor decals have been used for years to prevent injury, create roadways, aisles and other safety regulation compliance. 

The graphics can be used on floors to increase your company’s Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) compliance, protecting your employees and yourself. Some examples are:

  1. Warning about use of mechanical equipment
  2. Creating traffic pathways and aisles
  3. Marking exit routes
  4. Commanding staff to wear PPE
  5. Advising of tripping hazards
  6. Noting electrical hazards
  7. Cautioning staff to “Keep Area Clear”
  8. And much more

Real Safety has resources for all the OSHA guidelines keeping your employees and your company safe here.

Expand your shop’s floor graphic scope beyond just COVID-19 regulations and compliance, because safety affects us all. These custom floor decals can be created custom out of durable vinyl and can easily be replaced as changes need to be made for new regulations and/or new procedures.

Floor graphics can help build brand loyalty

The ease of expanding your branding can be done by layering your signage. The floor can be utilized for your logo, design features, photos, all of which can reinforce your brand and your business’s culture, creating a lasting brand awareness.

Here is some floor graphic inspiration: 

  • Leaves and vines guiding customers through your floral shop
  • Topical photo of an aquarium or the ocean in the fish section of a pet store
  • Graphic designs of fruit and vegetables in the market
  • Coffee beans and plants in your coffee shop
  • Photos of extreme sports in the ski/skateboard shops
  • Inspirational quotes in your office to help motivate workers
  • Self love quotes in your woman’s boutique

All of these examples are a great jumping off point to the expression of your company’s brand and culture making your company memorable and helping to build brand loyalty.

So, if you’re looking to build your brand and keep staff and customers safe in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Fort McMurray – or anywhere in between! – we can help.

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