Wondering how to get noticed? Create brand impact!

Wondering how to get noticed? Create brand impact!

The first step in any business to be known, to create a memorable impression in your customer’s mind. Brand awareness is the ability to create a lasting impression by keeping your messaging clear, concise and consistent; across all channels. This is the blending of your company name, logo, colour choice, personality (yes, companies have those!), and language choices.

How do you gain awareness?

The first and biggest step in brand awareness is a Branding Guide or Guidelines.

A Branding Guide is a solid step in clearly articulating who and what your company is. This is a handy document that describes your business’ personality by creating the impact you have on your customers.

The logos you choose, colour palette, typography, voice, and tone all work together to create the persona of your company. Keeping consistent messaging, colours and typography make you memorable. Need some inspiration? Oberlo has 12 Companies With Killer Brand Guidelines to help get you started.

Now that you have your personality and look figured out – your website is built and you’re probably on social media – so what are some other simple ways to increase brand awareness?

1)   Printed media – A whole host of opportunities exist within traditional printed media. Think menus (takeaways and in-house), pamphlets, flyers, business cards, printed advertising etc. The options are endless in printed media to increase your brand awareness.

2)   Signage – There are many types and layers of signage that can be utilized to convey your branding and messaging further:

  • Pylons and Storefront – Pylons are the big signs that can be used as landmarks outside for example, at the crossroads of a mall. Storefront signs are a traditional way to let customers know exactly where your company is in a building.
  • Window Graphics – Window graphics are cost-effective, easy to change with seasons or promotions, and can be printed on both sides: double the messaging! Graphics can also be made for the floor and the wall, making the interior a blank canvas for brand awareness.
  • A-frames – Changeable and double-sided A-frames are effective branding tools for companies with tight spaces and foot traffic walking by.

3)   Digital media (social media, email, website) – following the Brand Guide will ensure clear, consistent messaging across all online platforms you use. Your customers will recognize your brand and therefore, your company.

Consistency is Key!

It has been proven that customers need a minimum of three interactions with your brand to recall it with ease. Wherever your customers can be reached, you need to be consistent and work across all different mediums and channels. Working within digital and physical media consistently will create brand awareness that will be recalled quickly and with ease every time you interact with your customer.

As Alberta’s oldest sign rental company, our team specializes in creating on-brand signage to increase your brand awareness and make your company memorable. 

So, if you need window graphics in Calgary, business signs in Edmonton, and everything in-between, we have you covered. Contact us today!