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How to Choose the Right Storefront Sign for Your Business

Did you know that 76% of consumers enter a store that they have never visited before based on the storefront signs? Yes, it’s a fact based on the survey done by FedEx. Undoubtedly, storefront signs can speak volumes for you when you have to market your physical store. Therefore, make sure you have the right storefront sign for your business. To make your choice easier, here are some types of storefront signs that can help you reflect your brand.

Fabric Storefront Sign

Using fabric has a couple of distinct advantages over other materials. The fabric sign gives you the advantage of washability and durability. Also, fabric storefront signs are lightweight. When it comes to the aesthetic appeal of the sign, fabric signs can be colourful and unique. These signs can be stored easily, reused daily, and even machine-washed. Many business owners choose to advertise sales, explain services, or display photos using fabric banners. So choose the right fabric that is wrinkle free. You can even include your fabric banner in a lightbox to make it easy for your customers to read your store name in the night.

Plywood Storefront Sign

Plywood signs are affordable, simple, and elegant. Wooden storefront signs are durable, and they last for decades. They are often used for professional and high-end locations like law offices, accounting firms, country clubs, etc. Plywood signs provide the storefront with a sense of excellence and professionalism.

Painted Glass Storefront Sign

Glass is a popular choice for signage. Just imagine the flexibility to correct, innovate, and improve your sign with glass option. Glass acts like dry or wet erase boards, and when combined with the permanent and optical information, it creates the perfect signage for people at nursing stations, restaurants, and many more.

Metal Storefront Sign

There is no doubt that metals are known for durability and are widely used as a base material for signs. Metal storefront signs are eye-catching and professional. There is a wide range of customisations available for metal signs. For instance, punched metal or laser cut, individually cut out lettering, metal signboard, etc. But you need to understand the design of the sign will make an impact on the price of the sign.

Awning Storefront Sign

An awning sign is a fabric that is attached to the outside of the building and serves numerous purposes such as providing shade, protection against weather, and marketing your business. These signs successfully catch the eyes of the customers and passers-by. You have a wide range of materials to choose from such as vinyl, acrylic, polyester, canvas, etc. If you are looking to save energy costs, then awning is right for your store.

Glass Tube Light Storefront Sign

These storefront signs are also known as neon or LED signs. When it comes to illuminating signage for your business, these signs have a long history to prove that they can fulfil this purpose. With a warm glow of neon and nostalgic appeal, these LED signs are lighting the future of every business. They are environmentally friendly and require low maintenance.

A storefront sign plays a critical part in marketing any business with a physical location. With the help of the signage types as mentioned earlier, choose the right and best sign for your business.