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5 Types of Storefront Signages

Storefront signage is an identity for your store as it is the first thing your customers will notice when they visit your store. So it is imperative that you choose storefront signs and decals for your store that resonate with your brand services. We have collated seven types of storefront signages that you can choose from for your store.

  • Fabric Storefront Sign

Fabric storefront signs and decals are an excellent choice as they help your brand stand out. This type of signage communicates to your customers with excellent image quality and unique texture. It is lightweight, can be folded into a smaller size, and comes in manageable sizes. These are some of its most convenient features that make shipping this type of signage easy and cost-efficient. Also, it is durable as it does not crack or tear, is washable, and can be ironed. That makes it more desirable than the traditional print materials, not to mention – easily reused. These signages are suitable for outdoor events such as trade show displays.

  • Plywood Storefront Sign

Plywood storefront signages are simple, yet elegant. This type of signage can be customized as per your requirements. You can choose from a wide range of woods such as oak or cherry, size, and type of font, and paints according to your budget. Wood is subjected to weather damage so you must be considerate about the placement of the signage before going for such signage. Also, you need to replace your signage in a timely fashion if you decide to go with plywood storefront signage.

  • Painted Glass Storefront Sign

Painted glass storefront signage is another low cost, yet attractive, option to consider. You can utilize the space on the glass of the doors and windows as a canvas for your signage. The cost of such a storefront sign depends upon the complexity, design of the sign, and types of paints used. The only drawback for such a storefront sign is that its visibility diminishes due to the sun’s glare on the glass.

  • Laser Cut Storefront

Laser cut storefront or punched metal signboard is a good choice if you are looking for signage that is durable and weather resistant. This storefront signage offers a modern or retro storefront display. If you wish to go for customization such as larger size, addition of colors, and texture to the signage, the cost will increase.

  • Rock Storefront Sign

If you are thinking of setting up a hotel or real estate in Leduc, rock storefront sign is a fantastic choice for people who wish to carve their store name of a stone or rock material. These are least affected by weather conditions, unlike other signages. They are heavy, permanent, offers a luxurious look and have a significant impact. But they have some drawbacks too. Since they are permanent, relocating or changing these signages can be expensive.

If you are thinking of getting one of these signs and decals for your store in Leduc, feel free to get in touch with us at Alberta Sign Rentals.