5 Standee Banner Mistakes to Avoid

5 Standee Banner Mistakes to Avoid

Standee banner is a great piece of marketing. This portable sign is cost-effective, easy to carry, and draws a lot of attention towards your brand. A well-designed standee banner is a portable sign that can help you achieve your marketing objectives. To achieve a perfect banner, you need to attract the eyes of passers-by. So, bear in mind these five standee banner mistakes to avoid before releasing your design to the world.

1) Size, Weight, and Height

Your sign rental company can provide you with a range of sizes to choose from. The differences in sizes affect the width of the banner stand. Choose the portable sign size and height that is not too small or big so that they are visible to people from a distance.

2) Crowded and Messy Design

Over-designing your banner can create a bad impression for your company. Your audience has limited time to read your banner. Cramming the banner with information can make the audience to ignore your standee, making it an ineffective portable sign for your company. Rather than creating confusion for your audience, limit the information on the banner to make it easier for the passers-by to absorb the information much more quickly.

3) Contact and Social Media Information

You need to remember that your standee banner is an offline marketing strategy used to connect with the passers-by. No matter how good graphics and type of catchy tagline you put in, you need to mention your contact information and your company’s presence on different types of social media platforms so that people can get in touch with you.

4) Unprofessional Graphics

We have all seen the impact of the poor quality photographs, pixelated to an extent where it is unrecognisable. Amateur photography and poor graphic design can immediately impact the eyes of your potential customers to judge your company’s professionalism. So, before printing the standee check copyrights of the image if you are picking it from the internet and also the resolution, no matter from where you pick it.

5) Incorrect Placement

Placing your standee banner in unconventional places can just drown the efforts that you make on the banner. To maximise your marketing return on investment (ROI) with a banner location, you need to know the place which works best for your business. Here are some banner location tips.

  • Public places – Keep the banner at a location where your customers can be easily directed to your store. You need to place the banner outdoor to spot your store easily. Make sure to choose a quality PVC or vinyl banner with bold fonts and bright colours to endure the weather conditions.
  • Corporate exhibitions – Place the standee near your stall to grab the attention of the people. The audience here is willing to take a look at the banners and know more about your company, so take the opportunity and make the most out of it.
  • Receptions and foyers – Use a sleek dimension standee banner and place it neatly near the reception desk of your business to help promote your brand for the people to notice.

Now that you are aware of the possible mistakes that you can avoid, portray your brand in a positive light for the customers to step in your company. So shout your brand and let your reader choose your brand.