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5 Tips to Design the Best Pylon Sign

You may have seen the large outdoor signs supported by one or two poles, near stores, malls, or the highways. These are called pylon signs. A pylon sign has to be appealing enough to attract the passers-by within those couple of seconds. Usually, pylon signs are made with internal illumination, double-sided visuals, and digital boards. But is this all enough to captivate the passer-by’s attention? Let us see what pointers you should keep in mind when designing a good pylon sign.

1) Use Contrasting Colours

A good combination of colours makes any outdoor sign appeal to the target audience. The colours should be bright and popping for the passer-by to look at your sign instead of your competitors. Keep it themed and within the edge of your brand colours. Research on what colour combinations go well together and pick the best combination.

2) Keep It Simple

A good outdoor sign lives by the quote, ‘Simplicity is Key’. As ordinary as this sounds, it does make a remarkable sign. You want the passers-by to look at your sign and understand it within a few seconds. This means that crowding the sign with a complex design or too much text will certainly be of no help, hence opt for a minimalistic design and layout.

3) Position Strategically

Positioning can be extremely challenging at times. Try to be as witty as possible when coming up with positioning and make sure you remember that this will be the cue for your brand recall. Always keep the logo in the upper half of the sign, as the lower half can be neglected. Not to forget, the larger the sign, the better the visibility of the outdoor sign.

4) Focus On the Font, Not Content

Yes, you read it right. The content really does not make much sense when the pylon sign is located on highways. Primarily because the target audience is present for less time and there is no surety that they will look at your sign, let alone read all the information on it. This is when the font plays an essential role. It could be bold or italics as long as it is pleasing to the eyes and readable. Think of inserting your taglines, slogans and brand name in a way that is a cue for them to look at your brand up on their phones immediately.

5) Choose a Suitable Location

The location is of utmost importance. Place the pylon sign where the most number of your target audience will be able to see and read it. This will be decided based on your brand’s demographics. Refrain from placing the sign near various other brands’ outdoor signs. This makes the passer-by look away from crowded pole signs. Highways are a great location to place your sign. One can easily look out of the window while driving and take a glance at your pylon signs.

Designing an outdoor sign is extremely fun and challenging, that is if your brand has a deep understanding of the target audience’s attitudes. Attracting the selected target from the highways is a difficult task, but in the end, it all depends on the way it is designed. You can also use the right tools to make creative choices by opting to get your pylon sign designed professionally.