5 Things to Keep in Mind While Creating Indoor and Outdoor Banner Stands

5 Things to Keep in Mind While Creating Indoor and Outdoor Banner Stands

Banner stands are a useful tool for many businesses. They act as an effective promotional tool. Banner stands can be put either outside or inside your business premises. They are readily visible to people and can serve multiple uses. Most of the time, you can see banner stands in trade expos. The stands are put outside a booth to provide the customer with a basic information of the brand. A banner stand can be personalized according to your business and needs. For example, they can be used to display an interesting menu on a roadside restaurant window. Banner stands are a stylish and economical marketing tool. Outdoor sign rental companies in Leduc like ours can cleverly design banner stands that can be as effective as a magazine ad. Banner stands can be made to fit the requirements of your business but you must know exactly what to look for in a banner stand before putting one up.

Banner stands must be created according to their use. You must use materials and colors that suit the motive of the banner. There are certain attributes that must be considered before you give your orders to an outdoor sign rental company in Leduc.

Brand Placement

Proper placement of your brand logo is important to create effective banner stands. You must always place your logo at the top of your banner as everyone reads top down. Placing your logo at the top with your company slogan at its bottom will give the exact identity of your brand and business. This is good for outdoor marketing.

Material Selection

The materials being used in the construction of banners must be chosen according to their placement and use. For an indoor banner stand, you must choose to have a lightweight and flexible frame. For the banner, you can choose to have common polyester fabric as it does need to face outdoor weather. If you are a quality driven businessman, you can have a 13 Oz vinyl which provides a better color display. For outdoor banners, you must go for a slightly heavy and sturdy frame as they have to face winds and weather conditions. For the banners, you should go for 13 Oz scrim vinyl or UV protected vinyl. This material is waterproof and will provide a long lasting print. Outdoor sign rental companies are experts in evaluating material and can suggest the appropriate materials as per your requirements.


If you need to print images on your banner, make sure the images are of superb quality. Don’t go for images downloaded casually from the web. Get your images from a good website that provides high-quality pictures. Make sure your images are not too dull or colorless. Images must be visible from a distance.


Select your colors wisely. The color combination that you use on a banner can greatly affect its noticeability. You can have simple color combinations in your indoor banner stands and they can still be discernable. But for outdoor banner stands, you must choose eye-catching and bright color combination. A good amount of red and orange on the banner can make it more notable from a distance and attract more customers. The background color and texts must be in good contrast so they are visible from a distance.

Contact Details

Always provide your contact details at the bottom of your banner. Potential customers must have a way of reaching you. Provide your phone number, email ID, physical location or the address to your website. This will enable potential customers to reach you.

An outdoor sign rental company in Leduc can provide you with a suitable banner for your business. If you need a rental signboard or banner stand for your business, contact us at Alberta Sign Rentals.