Benefits of OOH Advertising

Benefits of OOH Advertising

In today’s world, advertising is a commonly used marketing strategy for any business. Outdoor media in marketing and advertising is given importance in all over the world. According to the Outdoor Home Marketing Association of Canada (OMAC)’ s latest Canadian Shopper Habits survey, most of the shoppers between the ages of 18-64 (78%) reported paying attention to the OOH advertisement. The impact of outdoor advertising is great, as it makes an impactful impression in the minds of the consumer towards your business. Outdoor advertising has been proven to work much better than any other mediums of advertising. In this article, we’ll share some of the advantages that Out-of-Home advertising offers you.

Increase Your Brand Recognition

Outdoor advertisement can provide some of the most powerful messaging that can be achieved through any medium. It provides an ideal platform towards brand reinforcement or getting your company’s name out there. Out-of-Home (OOH) advertisement displays company information in a visible, unique, creative and attractive way to inform the consumers about your message, brand, logo, contact information and the services that you provide.

Targets Specific Consumer Location

OOH advertisement takes advantage of specifically targeted locations. Outdoor advertising can be located in many areas where it will most likely be useful. The list of outdoor advertising options can range from traditional tools like billboards to more unconventional avenues like ‘foam-like floating’ logos (flogos). A range of formats and unique locations can deliver larger-than-life impact in the minds of the viewer. It is essential to tailor your message depending on your location of your prospective customers.

Attracts Attention

The human eye rapidly fixate on an outdoor ad sign to help pass time or avoid boredom. If a person is stuck in traffic or waiting for a bus stop to pass, positioning ads in the line of human sight can be ingenious in these areas. Outdoor advertisement can be posted in malls, gas stations, bus stops, office buildings, highways, etc., where people spend a lot of their time. If the outdoor sign is placed strategically in locations, then it can attract attention. Outdoor sign, with higher display quality and engaging design, grabs more attention. As an outdoor sign provides a constant, unavoidable exposure. It can be in the surrounding, immersing the audience with real and powerful, advertisements. It can be used wherever consumers live, work, travel, shop, and play. You may rent an outdoor sign from an outdoor sign rental to get more insight in terms of budget and design if needed.

Connects with the Audience

Outdoor advertising strengthens the bond between brands and consumers. It improves targeting and the return on investment (ROI). OOH advertising drives awareness and brand affinity. OOH advertising is a proven amplifier as it extends the reach and frequency in the integrated campaigns. It is the most efficient driver of mobile, social and digital engagement with the audience.

Boost Sales

People who tend to see the ad over many times are more likely to buy the product. It helps to pique the interest of new customers who can get intrigued by the ads showcasing your products or services of your company. OOH advertising reminds the existing customers that the product/service is still available in the market. It also creates a continuous invitation for consumers to make a purchase.

It’s not a secret that the benefits of outdoor advertisement truly complement multichannel campaigns like email, a print ad, a retail location, a website, a promotional event, a mobile app, SMS messaging, a product’s package, or word-of-mouth to drive the business. If you need assistance with outdoor advertising, rent outdoor signs from our outdoor sign rental in Edmonton.