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How to Remove a Decal

Decorating a place with your ideas of advertising your brand can sometimes get expensive on the pocket. For example, you want a decorative piece that resembles your business’s mascot, but you can’t buy it because your budget doesn’t allow it. So the next thing you think of is using the walls and flooring to advertise the brand. The most viable options today in the market for wall and flooring advertising are vinyl and decals. A wall decal is a cheap and easy alternative to expensive billboards and pylon signs. But what happens when you decide to move out or just want to change the ambience of the place?

Wall decals can be a pain when it comes to removing them. The gum on the decals is something that won’t show up but in the background, it just doesn’t forgive your favourite shade of wall paint. So when you remove them, it often tears the paint off your walls and leaves an ugly aftereffect of the annoying gum on the decal. Here’s how you can carefully remove wall decals without damaging the surface.

Use a Blow Dryer

If you weren’t much into chemistry at secondary high, then you must know that most sticking glues react to heat. Using this logic, you can use a blow dryer to take the decal off your wall without hassling with the sticky glue behind the decals. Take a blow dryer and set it on warm. Blow one corner of the decal and peel it off gently when you feel the decal has heated up. If you see that the glue is still persistently sticking to the paint, try giving it a little more heat. When the decal starts to peel off from the paint, slowly heat the decal as you go down and peel it off. You need to be patient while doing this as some parts of decal might have higher amounts of adhesive that might have gotten soaked into the paint. Pulling too hard on those areas may result in the paint coming off.

Use Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is not just for bread spread. Mayonnaise can be used to remove a decal off the paint on your walls. To do this, you must coat the area of the decal with mayonnaise. Let the mayo stay on the decal and wait for it to dry up a bit. The mayonnaise will dissolve the glue on the wall and behind the decal, and then you can remove it in one go if you want. Once you have removed the decal, use a slightly wet cloth and wipe off the excess mayo on the wall. Although this option is easy, you might want to buy some scented candles to save yourself from the heart-wrenching smell the mayo would produce.

Use a Hot Towel

This might be the easiest method for you to remove the decal off your wall. Using the same technique of heating the glue, you can easily remove the mural. Soak a towel in hot water and keep it pressed over the decal. The heat from the towel will make the glue lose the grip on the wall, and you can then peel it off gently. But remember that using this method will destroy the decal and you won’t be able to reuse it.

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