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Where Can You Put Wall Decals in Your Clothing Store

Have you recently opened a clothing store? If yes, then congratulations. Let us tell you that your clothing store will be incomplete without wall decals inside and around your store. The wall decals are an inexpensive way to advertise your new collection, discounts, offers, and the brands you sell. These stickers are easy to put up on any surface and are sure you get more eyeballs to your store and the offers you have. Here’s where you can possibly put these wall decals in your store.

On the Door

Starting from the first thing that passers-by and shoppers will look at, the door. Use the door, irrespective of its material, to put up wall decals. If you have a glass door, opt for a two-way decal so that people inside the store as well as the ones entering can see what you have to offer them. If you have an opaque door of metal or wood, put up one decal each on the inner surface and on the outer face.

On the Glass Walls

Just like the door, you can use the glass walls to put up wall decals for best visibility. You must have seen big clothing brands inside malls covering the entire glass surface to showcase their collections or discounts. That’s exactly what you have to do with your glass walls. And if you don’t have glass walls, you can put up wall decals on the inside surface to show them to your shoppers.

Inside the Changing Room

The changing room is one place where your shoppers will spend a considerable amount of time, that too without any distractions. Use this space to promote your line of clothing or special offers. It’s impossible to ignore what you put up inside these changing rooms. Moreover, you can also utilize the room doors to put up wall decals.

In Front of the Counter

Let your customers again look at the offers and promotions you have to offer when they are on the payment counter. Right behind your cashier and billing staff is where you should put the wall decals. If your counter is located near the entry of your store, even passers-by will be able to look at the wall decals you put up near the counter.

On the Pillars

Your clothing store surely has several pillars and middle walls. Use these spaces to put up all the possible wall decals you have. For pillars, you can put up mirrors on two faces and decals on the other two. This will encourage your customers to go around the pillars to see what the pillar looks like. Talking about the mini walls, use both sides to stick decals. Even these types of wall decals will be impossible to ignore as they will be put up on the walking path of your shoppers.

Now you know where you can put up these wall decals and how well they will attract attention, you can hire the right outdoor marketing company to design and install the decals for you. They’ll also share the do’s and don’ts of decal printing and installation in your store.