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3 Steps to Renting Effective Signage

There are so many things to think about with signage for your business. As a direct extension of who your company is and what you offer, ensuring your company has the right presence is key. Here are three key steps to help you rent quality signs for your business.

Step 1: What is your messaging?

Messaging can let your customers know what about your business makes them want to shop with you; your specials, your hours, your products. Messaging can let the customer know who you are, your expertise and where you are. There are many opportunities for your business signage and they can work within layers together.

Pylon signage 

Pylon signage is a large post style sign that is usually the announcement of all of the businesses in the plaza or mall. This large sign is the marker post for many people to know if they are in the right shopping area. The messaging on this sign should be very clear and concise consisting of your business name, but not much else. 

Pylon signage

Storefront signage 

Storefront signage is the typical sign over the door letting customers know where your business is, generally it includes your company name, possibly the logo and within your company’s branding theme. It can include more design than the pylon on the corner, but should still match the pylon. It seems fairly simple for messaging, so the trick is to make your company stand out from the rest of the shopping complex and background. 


Windows are a great place to really show some flair and emphasize your branding. Window graphics are a great way to showcase your product, photos or branding to make your customers know they are in the right place. Decals can also include your hours of operation so there is no mistaking if you’re open or not. 

Step 2: Design

Design works hand in hand with your messaging; it can create emphasis, desire or entice customers to visit your business. The colours, fonts and elements of your design should work together with all your print media, social and website to create elements of your brand that becomes an extension of who your company is and what will draw your customers in. 

Consistency is key for all aspects of your design purposes and branding. Everything should work together to not confuse customers who are coming to your business from different avenues.
A sign on the road should match the sign on the store and your website should match your social media. 

Elements, colours and graphics should all be consistent in every interaction your customer has. This makes your brand memorable. 

Step 3: Type of Signage

There are many types of signage from coroplast and sandwich boards to graphic banners and billboards, the best choice will vary depending on your business and objectives. 

A-Frame sign

For portable signage there are:

  1. A-frames or Sandwich boards
  2. Yard signs
  3. Banners 
  4. Billboards

The benefits of portable signage is they are easy to maintain, can be reused and easily changed between promotions and new messaging.

Pylon signs (also known as highway signs) advertise your business using height and their proximity to roadways to grab attention.

Storefront signs for plazas and outdoor malls in Edmonton and Calgary often require specific retail signage, and our solutions can meet any criteria while proudly displaying your business name.

From Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Leduc, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove and Fort Saskatchewan, we cover Alberta for all signs! 

Giving your customers the right message at the right time throughout your marketing campaign will be vital to stay current and memorable. As an added bonus for launching your campaign: when you rent with us, you don’t pay until the END of the first month’s rental!The support of our graphic team to help you choose the right signs for your company and messaging. Our dedicated team of experts can guide you through the options available to you and help you choose the right signs to meet your needs. Contact us today!