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10 Hacks to Advertise Your Business Online

The sign outside your establishment might get you a few new customers, but it’s likely that the internet is where you’ll find the most success. Here are 10 creative ways (hacks) to advertise your business online. 

1. Set Up A Google My Business Account

Google is more than just a search engine: it’s also the ultimate business directory. You are able to write what you want your business to say on search results. This manages your online presence meaning; testimonials, maps, hours of operation, and verifies your business for your customers. Setting up your Google My Business Account is a fairly simple process that offers many benefits. 

This is great for search engine optimization on your website so that your business is found by those looking for your offerings. 

Want some extra free advertising? When your clients and customers rate you and give you Google reviews this can add your company listing to the Google “3-pack”. This means your company is earning a top spot and customers should take notice 

alt: Google search image of Sign Shops

2. Offer Something of Value

Does your business provide a service that is challenging to most people like taxes? Create and offer a “lead magnet” to help simplify the process of getting your taxes done for free. This could be a simple checklist to remind people that tax season is coming and what they can potentially “write-off” or what to expect when they come to see you. 

Is your company in the service industry? Offer a free or discounted product or service to entice new customers to visit you. Even discounts work well: think of the major clothing shops that have pop-ups on their websites that say “become a part of our email list for 10% off”. 

3. Leave a comment

If you leave a linked and branded comment on a blog related to your industry, it can help boost your rankings on search engines. It also creates a reputation for your company (especially if your comment adds value) that can attract new customers without much effort. You can also create relationships within your niche or industry. There are lots of opportunities to build companies through connections. 

4. Be An Expert

You know your business and your industry – if you didn’t you wouldn’t be in business! The best way to get in front of your target audience is to know how they think and where they go for information. 

Does your target audience listen to niche podcasts? Be a guest on the podcast. Does your client go to a certain magazine (digital or print) for the news in their niche? Write some articles. Does your target market watch the local lunchtime news show? Get a guest spot on the show.

This may not always bring the traffic up on your site, but it is so valuable for you because it establishes your credibility as an expert. It links you and your brand to your target audience through networking. Collaboration potential can be found with other businesses and experts. Writing for other blogs or news outlets can create links and backlinks from other experts or sources of news. 

5. Get Social

Social media is the ultimate free advertising platform: all it takes is some well-thought-out posts and communication and your customers will come flooding to your business. At least that is the dream! Social media takes care, consistency, interaction, and routine posting. If social media seems daunting we have some experts for that.

Through the social platforms, there are many opportunities for advertising such as Facebook and Instagram ads which have great analytics and insights for each of your ad campaigns as you run them. This is not a free service, but with the geographic and various insights from their databases, you can ensure your ad ends up in front of the appropriate demographic. 

6. Get on Pinterest

Technically Pinterest is social media, but we feel this is an opportunity that differs from the usual social media. Pinterest is a great place to really showcase your company and express who you are. Share recipes, infographics, and inspiration with your followers who can become your clients. This is especially effective if you’re in a competitive service industry, like wedding vendors, photographers, hairstylists, makeup artists, and more. Inspiration and trends will go a long way with clients looking for services, linking to your blog post about the topic gets them to your website. 

7. Use SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which means all the little crawlers search engines send out looking for keywords and information that will be found. There are many ways to enhance your search optimization and can vary depending on your site. Blog posts are a great option for boosting your SEO. If you do need support contact us for any online marketing needs. 

8. Get Speaking

Webinars, conferences, and podcasts. All examples of the ways you can draw in your audience as an expert and all great advertising for your business. The key here is don’t sell your product. Instead, talk about the industry or challenges you have experienced and overcame. Share your insight over the product. Be engaging. Most conferences and webinars will want to know your topic and title when you apply to ensure it aligns with the audience they are attracting. 

Podcasts are a great way to talk directly to your target audience; they are searched out based on the topic that is covered by interests. There are podcasts for all different types of industries and interests; true crime, tech, marketing, dad jokes, weird facts and so much more.

9. Host a Workshop

Workshops and mini-seminars can be hosted both in-person and online (a great opportunity during the pandemic). If you own a restaurant, have a tasting or “how to cook” night. Photographers can offer styling tips for your next photo shoot. Artists, wine, and paint nights are always a hit for girls’ nights. A unique recent workshop was a plant and brew night at a brewery. The collaboration between the two very different industries created a fun night out and catered to both men and women. These options may seem trivial, however, it gets you in front of potential clients.

10. Become a Sponsor

This isn’t necessarily online advertising, but sponsorships can be everything from kids’ sports teams to large events. If you’re looking for a sports team and don’t have any kids but want to stay in your local geographic area, call the various sports associations and ask if you can donate any gear or swag for a team or the whole club. This comes at your cost, but you get to put your branding on whatever you sponsor. Great ideas are water bottles, hats, sweatshirts, jackets, and gear bags. The kids are always so excited to wear their team colours, and parents are always happy to support places that support their kids. There is usually a lot of publicity and most clubs will put your logo and links on their sponsorship page and on their social media. 

Think of your company as if it were fishing in the lake; the more lines there are, the more chances you have to catch your supper. 

This is only a small slice of all of the opportunities that are available online for advertising your business. When you work with Alberta Sign Rentals, you get so much more than signage: it’s the expertise and support we are renowned for. Calgary, Lethbridge, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Fort McMurray, Red Deer, Medicine Hat, and everywhere in between, we have your signage needs and so much more. Our dedicated team of experts can guide you through the options available to you and help you choose the right signs or online marketing to meet your needs. Contact us today!