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Signage Fit For Your Wedding

Signs aren’t just for companies and politicians anymore – they can be used for baby showers, birthday parties, weddings and many other occasions. Now that we have fewer pandemic restrictions, we are seeing many clients and companies booking large events like weddings. Brides who have been anxiously waiting for the restrictions to lift to be able to have their nearest and dearest attend their big day are jumping into action! 

Signs at a wedding can welcome your guests, guide them through the day and showcase the bride and groom’s personalities, increasing the experience (or illusion) of a perfectly executed wedding. 

Pinterest has steadily become a bride’s best friend for creating the theme, look, and experience she wants on her wedding day. Pinning all of her ideas and sharing them with the bridal party or friends is a great way to get everyone involved. 

We have found so many ideas for weddings both large and micro (under 10 people) to use signage for any size. 

Welcome Signs

Welcome signs are great for any part of the day or leading up to it. Signage can be used at all events from bridal showers to the wedding day to gift opening. 

This incredible sign is simple, subtle, and unique; the layering of the wedding colours, with the different sizes of signs and florals, takes your breath away. This is very customizable and portable and can be used in various locations throughout the day. 

Standing signage wedding welcome sign with flowers

This next sign is a creative use of a banner. It’s portable to all locations of the event and can be easily stored and pulled out for future events, anniversaries, and vow renewals. Simple colours and a consistent font throughout the signage carry the feeling of the event throughout the day and can be used after.

Hanging banner wedding sign

Pick a Seat Not a Side

Some brides have small families while the groom has a large extended family, so what happens with seating in situations like this? Having a large guest list on one side compared to the other can create a challenge for visuals such as video and photography as well. 

Many couples are going the way of free choice seating: guests who get there early can have their choice of seats. There are many great ideas for wording to express the desire for people to sit where they wish some examples are: 

  • Pick a seat not a side, we are all family once the knot is tied
  • Pick a seat not a side, we are all family once the groom kisses the bride
  • Pick a seat not a side, you’re loved by both the groom and the bride
  • Pick a seat not a side, either way it’s for a bride
  • Love is sweet, take a treat and pick a seat
  • Now that they are together forever, we want you to sit wherever
  • No sides just good vibes
  • We are all family now 
Pick a seat not a side wedding sign

Seating charts trends

Some couples spend hours with their mothers to craft the perfect seating arrangements for their reception, while others want their guests to enjoy their time and sit anywhere. Just like seating during the ceremony, the signage can be reused for the reception as well. 

A fun idea for the crafty couple is animal name cards with the guests’ names on them that can double as a favour with a sign that says “Find your party animal” to figure out which table they are seated at or to mark their spot. If slits are cut in the back of the animals, the animals can double as photo holders after the wedding. Pro tip: hit the thrift store to pick up all the animals and spray paint gold for a fun DIY.

Party animals wedding seating chart

Other Fun Ideas

Games – with a more casual style of wedding that represents the bride and groom, lots of couples have set up outdoor games to keep guests entertained throughout the reception. This idea works great with oversized yard games.

Kids area – couples who wish to have pintsized guests have created little spaces just for them with colouring, activities, and even bounce houses. Bounce houses are great for photos of the happy couple

The bar – crafting a signature cocktail can create a memorable experience for guests. A sign that says “this way to the bar” has been gaining popularity with the more relaxed weddings. Or have some more fun and start the party with a sign like this one.

Drink champagne and dance on the table sign in black and gold

Wedding day hashtags – to try and compile all the guests’ photos together with a cute sign that has the hashtag the couple wants to use is a great way to go through the photos from the big day. #weddingdaybliss

Photo backdrop – a fantastic way to create some social media fodder for the guests about what a fantastic event they attended is a fun photo backdrop wall. This can have more uses throughout the day from altar background, a wall to guide guests to the ceremony, or the welcome sign. Some ideas for a photo backdrop can include flower or balloon walls that can also be used mixed in with photos of the couple or a pretty settee with items representing the couple mixed into the scene.

What To Do The Day After

Signs can take up a lot of storage space in the garage. A great opportunity to incorporate your personality into the wedding is by making your signage fit your decor so after the wedding you can display your memories in your home. Hang your welcome sign on your porch or by your front door to make guests feel welcome to your home. Another alternative is to make a wall collage with wedding photos and some of the signage from the big day. A fun way to incorporate your signage is to use it as a photo prop in annual family photos, especially as your family grows.

There are so many ideas for wedding day signage and couples are pulling away from the traditional constraints of the past. Couples want a day that will express them and their style which makes the day all about them. 
We have many options for sign rentals and your wedding. The support of our graphic team to help you choose the right signs for your day and theme. Our dedicated team of experts can guide you through the options available to you and help you choose the right signs to meet your needs. Contact us today!