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5 Great Examples of Wayfinding Signage

Signs aren’t just for announcing your business – they can be used in many creative ways to help people navigate. Wayfinding (directional) signage can be creative and fun while pushing the boundaries of your branding, making you memorable. The inspiration can be purely practical, but it can also enhance aesthetics and be a remarkable lift for your business.

In an event, your wayfinding signage can continue your branding to create more of an experience for your attendees. With COVID restrictions in the forefront of our minds, wayfinding signage can help keep your customers safe while navigating your business. If you reserve parking for your customers or guests, wayfinding signage can help your clients know they are in the right place.

We have created a shortlist of inspirations for your business to showcase its brand and be remembered.

Unique placement of signage is eye-catching

Look down! What is on the floor? Usually a blank canvas. Looking at the world through a different lens there are so many ways to use wayfinding signage. This escalator uses stair wraps to create excitement about an event. This concept can be used for events, conferences, and even business messaging.

Use every opportunity to connect with your customers - even the escalator


2. Extension of Branding

rsmdesign did a FANTASTIC job in keeping consistent branding of the Beacon Park in Irvine, California. Typography, shapes, colours, and messaging created a carefree and fun air to the park. Our favourite is the park sign “Adults must be accompanied by children”.

Pulling your branding through the often-overlooked wayfinding signage can tie together your whole space. Signage can convey your brand as thoughtful, purposeful, and impactful creating an experience shopping, attending, or interacting with your company.  

Unique examples of wayfinding signage


3. Multilingual Stairs

An incredible way to use floor graphics (paint in this case) is for Westerdals, one of the top 10 creative schools in the world. The wayfinding signage was designed and executed by Marius Holtmon, Mette Landsem, and Madeleine Skjelland Eriksen. A bright colour palette of multilingual words pops against the industrial setting.

Using floor decals can create direction, add flair and be practical to keep shoppers safe during COVID. A simple socially distanced “Stand Here” dot on the floor can create safety for all your customers and clients.

Guide the way with unique signs


4.     Map Signs

Map signs can be more than a map with an X saying “You Are Here”; they can convey a multitude of information all at once. The London Underground is one of the largest commuter train lines and is a spiderweb of stops. This map sign is posted at all stops to show commuters where they are going and what line they should get on. The various grey tones in the background even show what fare level the commuter is at. Consistent map, colour schemes, and universal accessibility symbols can easily help commuters and customers navigate your store or city.

A clear map is a great way to show visitors the way to their destination


5.     Layers of signage

There is no way someone could get lost finding this finish line in the dark. Toronto’s “City Nights” race for The Weekend To Conquer Cancer 2019 shows a great example of layering wayfinding signage. The purple carpet, flag signs, banners, lights, and A-frames all tie together the finish line and celebrate the fundraisers and racers.

The excitement in the racer’s faces is one of the feelings that can be amplified through  the large-scale use of wayfinding signage.

Great uses for wayfinding signage


The sky is the limit with wayfinding signage! There are so many other uses and applications beyond the parking lot. Need some more inspiration? Smashing Magazine hosts “The World of Signage Photo Contest” which has some really unique signage.

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