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Why Should You Use Wall Decals in Your Cafe

Cafes are a lively place for people to enjoy a hot cup of coffee with their loved ones. For that, the cafe owners put a lot of effort into making it a welcome space for everyone, but they often overlook the potential of wall decals. They can be a terrific addition to your cafe, and you should definitely consider them. Here’s why.

They Liven Up the Cafe

The first reason you need wall decals in your cafe is that they can really bring out your cafe’s aesthetic potential. If you have a blank wall with no photographs or posters, you should consider putting up wall decals. They can be anything. Some of the unique wall decal ideas to liven up your cafe are tree decals, cafe menu decals, impressions of pop-culture icons, or attractive graphics that please the eyes. Just make sure they match the overall theme of your cafe!

They are Easy to Apply

You can do with decals what you can do with paint, but applying paint is not easy. Paint needs primer, the correct mixing formula, and professional application to look as intended, and the entire process can multiple days if the design is intricate. That isn’t the case with wall decals as they are quite easy to apply.

They Leave No Mark

If applied well, wall decals can last multiple years without showing any signs of wear or peeling. But if you want to remove them, they come off just as easily as they were applied without leaving any kind of marks on the wall. This makes them perfect temporary decorations for special occasions where you’d want to dress up your cafe.

They are Cost-Effective and Customizable

On the same lines, wall decals are cheap and customizable. If you want to have four separate wall decals for four seasons, you can totally do that without taking too much out of your cafe’s budget. And you can design them the way you want. If you have an idea, we can turn it into a wall decal for your cafe.

They Have Marketing Benefits

People nowadays love to click photographs at places they visit and publish them on social media. If you have an attractive looking wall decal, your guests would love to use it as a background for their cafe-photoshoots! Once they post it online, your cafe will get free exposure to their connections. 

And They are Environmentally-Friendly

For most wall decals, latex ink is used because it is versatile. An added advantage of this is that it is also quite eco-friendly in nature, and it can be reused and recycled. They are also printed using printers that don’t use as much energy and ink as non-latex printers.

Wall decals are fantastic for your cafe business—they can liven your cafe, give you the option to suit your cafe’s theme to the occasion, and give your cafe a unique aesthetic. If you want to install wall decals in your cafe, contact Alberta Sign Rental in Alberta now.