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Man measuring and applying social distancing sign on reopening at office

Signs to make your customers feel safe

In Calgary, Edmonton and all over Alberta, business owners are looking for creative ways to keep their customers and staff safe while doing business. Clear signage to encourage social distancing and to display information about health policies is a great tool to help people feel at ease.

Beautiful temporary signage can help make your customers feel safe, and inspire them to return to your business.

Dots on the floor encourage social distancing

Installing branded floor decals to encourage social distancing is an excellent option for businesses that need an upgrade from tape on the floor. Floor decals are long-lasting, durable, and 100% customizable.

Choose either a simple dot with a pair of footprints or any custom shape, and Alberta Sign Rentals will design, create and install floor decal signage that surprises and delights. As well as keeping your customers safe, colourful and creative floor decals can make their shopping experience a memorable one!

There are many great reasons to use floor signs as part of your overall signage mix!

Signage for doors and windows put the information at eye level.

Door and window signage is an effective way to not only brand your business, but to make sure important information is displayed at eye level. These signs can be as large or as small as you want, and can be adhered to any surface, including mirrors or toilet-stall doors to attract attention in a more captive environment.

Choose a long-term application of door or window signs for ongoing messaging like branding, or short-term applications for COVID or sale-related messages.

Free-standing moveable signs are a great option for businesses with a more versatile space. 

A restaurant needing to advertise outside, or an event space that may have a different set up from week to week depending on AHS guidelines may need signage that can move with you.

Portable signs can be relevant to any business! Consider adding an A-Frame to your business’s COVID messaging mix, and keep your customers up-to-date on what’s happening with your business during the pandemic.

The time for tape on the floor is long over.  Up your game and show your customers you care by installing professional-looking custom signage on your floors and windows. Contact Alberta Sign Rentals today to discuss how to best usage signage to stay in touch with your customers and help them feel safe when they visit your store.