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5 Signs All Businesses Need

Business signage is a simple way to describe the ways in which a business utilizes signage to keep their staff and customers safe. Here, we are excluding exterior signage on your door, over your storefront or as part of your stripmall. Interior signage is an important way to keep your customers, staff and ultimately your business safe.

No entry/personnel only signage

Almost every business has space that is limited to staff, and where customers should not go. This may be because it houses staff items such as coats and boots, it contains business and administrative information, or because it could be hazardous to the health of anyone not trained to be in the area or not wearing specific safety gear.

Authorized personnel only security sign.

Protect your business with clear, easy-to-understand signs that make it clear that the area is off-limits to customers. Failure to have this type of signage in your facility means failing to protect your business from the liability of an unauthorized person in an unsafe zone getting hurt.

Hand washing signage

The COVID-19 pandemic has made the importance of hand-washing even more obvious, and businesses need to do their part in encouraging good hygiene practices among their customers and employees.

To minimize the spread of germs of all sorts, we recommend hand-washing signage prominently displayed in the washrooms in your business.

Hand washing signs reduce the spread of disease.

These signs act as a reminder to everyone to do their part to minimize the spread of disease. This is especially critical if your business offers food or drink to customers! Poor hygiene in restaurants can lead to sickness among guests, which could lead to health inspections and sanctions for your business.

Hand washing signage is a smart way to protect yourself and your business from negative outcomes.

No smoking signage

Decades ago, it was common for businesses to allow customers and staff to smoke on their premises. Those days are long behind us, but some people still need reminders!

Signs that make it clear that smoking (or vaping or marijuna use) is not allowed in your business keeps the rules clear for staff and customers.

No smoking, no vaping, no marijuana use sign

Not only is smoking in most establishments against local city bylaws, it can also create headaches and safety issues for business owners. Smoking leaves an unpleasant aroma that can embed itself in curtains, rugs and soft furnishings. Ash from smoking can stain carpeting, and improperly extinguished cigarettes or cigars tossed carelessly into garbage cans can smoulder and lead to after-hours fires that can be costly.

Vaping avoids some of the fire hazards of cigarettes, cigars or joints, but it can also leave unpleasant aromas, and may violate local laws.

The smart thing to do is to disallow all forms of smoking and reinforce the rule with unambiguous no-smoking signage that makes it clear the behaviour is not welcome in your business.

Wayfinding signage

Rather than assume your customers know where everything is in your store, or leave them to wander in search of their desired product, wayfinding helps customers get where they need to go.

Wayfinding signage can take the form of arrows, maps, or ceiling-mounted labelling over the aisles of your store to guide customers to different products.

Complex wayfinding signage keeps visitors moving in the right direction

The larger your business’s floor plan, the more important wayfinding signage becomes. Malls, department stores, school campuses and hospitals recognize the importance of utilizing not just directional signs or arrows, but also relational cues, such as “You are here” to help orient visitors so they understand how to get to their destination in relation to where they are at that moment.

Your store or business may not be massive, but users will still thank you for wayfinding signage guiding them to the cash register, the washrooms, or to customer service. Helping customers find what they’re looking for without needing to find a staff person improves their shopping experience.

Safety signage

Just as you need signage to keep customers away from unsafe areas, so too do you need signage within those unsafe areas to protect staff from the hazards around them.

Examples of health and safety signage that protect staff from known hazards

Your staff are the most important part of your business and it’s your responsibility as business owner to protect them while they are working for you.

If you have any sort of manufacturing facilities, you need manufacturing signage to keep them safe. That means warning them against machinery that could crush their hands, generate sparks that could burn them, welding equipment that must be used with eye protection, and so on.

If your employees work in a shipping area, they need to be warned about items falling from overhead, from loading equipment on the floor, or water or ice that may lead to falls.

Whether you are protecting your team against the risk of explosion, fire, or electrocution, you need signage that is clear, visible and unmistakable. Safety signage saves lives!

Signage needs for all business types

It doesn’t matter whether your business sells food, knitting supplies or drilling components for oil and gas wells, you need internal signage to keep your customers, your staff and your business safe. can help!

We offer a wide range of sign types to suit your business’s needs. Whether that means discrete signs advising high-end fashion clients not to smoke in your changing rooms, or hardhat wearing roughnecks to watch their step while loading pallets onto semis, our signs are made to fit your needs, no matter what they are.

Contact us today at to discuss your signage needs. We provide signs from Milk River to Peace River and everywhere in between! We rent and sell indoor and outdoor signs, temporary and permanent signage, and signs of different sizes, materials and shapes. 

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