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Why Do You Need Floor Graphics In Your Premium Hotel?

Whoever came with the idea of a floor graphic – is a genius! It’s a simple concept that has a wow factor when it comes to real life application. The concept of floor graphics is not that new but people have now started to make the most of it, and that includes premium hotels.

While floor graphics are majorly used in retail stores to advertise on the ample floor area, outdoor signs Calgary specialists do make it work for other businesses too. Here are a few pointers why you should consider floor graphics for your premium hotel.

Making Use of The Ample Area

A major issue that businesses face when marketing and branding is the lack of space to advertise their products or service. The other factor while branding is the process of buying a space to showcase your brand. Why buy a space when your hotel has ample of it, anyway? With floor graphics, you can make use of the flooring to highlight your brand name without having to spend extra money.

Floor Graphics are Flexible

Usually, hotels have to go through the tedious task of getting customized flooring tiles with their logo. The whole process takes a lot of time and money. What if you rebrand and come up with a new logo? You have to redo your flooring and spend again on customizing the tiles. Use floor graphics instead. They are vinyl stickers stuck on the floor with good adhesive, which looks good and can be replaced if you change your brand logo.

Floor Graphics are Highly Effective

Floor graphics are either use to communicate a piece of information, or add to the decor of the location, or both. From that perspective, floor graphics are extremely effective to use. Is your hotel center stage for a conference? Does your hotel have a new club? Floor graphics are the perfect way to communicate such messages. Floor graphics have the ability to stand out compared to normal branding tools. This will definitely enhance your brand value.

Floor Graphics are Customizable

The other great feature of floor graphics is that they are highly customizable. You can opt for any form, shape, size, color, design, etc. You name it, you got it. There are barely any limitations to the creativity of a floor graphic.

Reliable Directional Signage

Floor graphics will help in enhancing your brand visibility, but do you know they can be one of the best directional signs? The right floor graphic placement can be used to direct your guests towards the lobby or the washroom. No doubt your hotel is a large place to navigate. Indeed, your reception may frequently get guests who are searching for the sports room or the in-hotel restaurant. Floor graphics help give your guest direction without your personnel needing to be on-hand.

Reinforce the Brand

Tying-in with the previous point, you may be concerned that having floor graphics everywhere giving directions would reflect badly on the hotel. However, if the floor graphics are well designed and well-placed, it would simply work. Additionally, the floor graphics can include your logo and other hotel design elements to reinforce your hotel brand.

Floor graphics are a great tool to make use of to enhance your brand value. It is innovative and would leave a mark on your guest’s mind. To know more and get one for your hotel, you can contact one of the finest outdoor signs Calgary professionals.