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4 things you need to consider when choosing a sign provider

Your small business needs to advertise, and you want help getting the word out.  Maybe you’re in retail, or you’re a service provider – how do you know if you’re going to get a good deal on signage that actually supports the business you’ve worked so hard to create?

Here are the four top things you should look for when considering your signage provider.

Signage Guidelines

If you’ve got a stand alone storefront, a stall in a mall or market, or if you’re running a business out of your home, there will be different rules for the signage you’re allowed to use. 

It’s important to know and obey the local guidelines and bylaws, as well as any specific rules your mall, market, or commerce centre may have.  Failure to do so could cause damage to property, injury to potential customers, or other consequences like fines, removed or destroyed signs.  Most businesses are built on reputation, so you don’t want your business to lose its good standing within the community.

A good provider will tell you that you need to be aware of this.  An exceptional provider will know what the rules are, and be able to guide you toward the right decision.  If you’re curious about your local bylaws, check out Calgary bylaws here and the Edmonton bylaws and guidelines here.  

Custom Signage Design

Not all businesses want to use the black and neon letterboard signage to represent their brand.  For those who want something to convey their message more visually, you’ll want your signage provider to offer graphic design. Your provider should also be able to take your existing brand logos, colours, or images (if you have them) and create something that will be eye-catching and readable for the placement your sign will be in. 

For instance, if you want your sign placed near a road where people tend to drive quite quickly, your designer should suggest a larger sign, a memorable graphic, and large, easy-to-read words.  

If your sign is designed to capture foot traffic, an a-frame sign might be more appropriate. You can put more information in this smaller space and your traffic will be able to stop and read it carefully. 

Mall sign
You can’t see exactly who the sign is for,but the image tells you all you need to know.

Signage Lighting

In the Canadian winter, the sun sets early. Did you know that Calgary and Edmonton get only 8 or 9 hours between sunrise and sunset? That means your beautifully designed sign could be sitting in the dark for 15 hours. Imagine your investment only working for you 28% of the time!

A good provider will try to place your sign in a well-lit area, taking advantage of streetlights, or ambient lighting from nearby structures. An exceptional provider will offer built-in illumination options to make sure your business is visible 100% of the time.

Kumon portable sign
This sign shines brightly

Signage Installation

Last but not least, your provider should know how to properly install the sign in it’s chosen location. It’s not as simple as placing the sign on the ground and walking away!  

While obeying all bylaws, a provider should also pay attention to the surrounding area and how it might affect the sign. Will the sign gather dirt and snow from the road? Is it positioned properly to be seen from the road or walkway? Are there trees, tables, bushes, or other signs that will obscure the visibility? Will the sign be at risk of blowing over in the wind? How is the sign anchored to the ground, and if necessary, will the sign be able to get the power it needs (through solar or electrical cable) for illumination?

An exceptional provider will complete the installation properly on your behalf, then send you photos of the sign to confirm that the installation is complete.  

Online tutoring sign
Notice the black and yellow sign is obscured by the wall and the other sign.

Not just DIY signage

Handwritten sign in the window of a new barber's shop
Don’t miss out on an opportunity to represent your business well.  The wrong design on the wrong sign can hurt your reputation, and cost you money in wasted advertising or even fines  if you don’t follow the bylaws. 

There are lots of options out there to let you advertise with temporary signs, but relying on the knowledge, expertise and experience of a trustworthy professional provider will make the most of your money, and truly help your business shine. 

When you work with Alberta Sign Rentals, you get so much more than basic signage: it’s the expertise and support we are renowned for. Our dedicated team of experts can guide you through the options available to you and help you choose the right signs to meet your needs. Contact us today!