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Kinds Of Safety Decals Used On A Cargo Ship

The sign language on a cargo ship is meant to be for several reasons. A safety decal on a cargo ship is a warning sign on the sides of a ship or in the front in the form of a proportionate sticker. There is also the secret language of ships; however, safety decals are openly exhibited on a cargo ship because of the danger lurking aboard a cargo ship. There is a danger both for passengers and for workers at different levels on a cargo ship. Some kinds of safety wall decals used on a cargo ship are as follows.

1) No-Smoking Sign

This type of wall decals on a cargo ship is self-indicative. Apart from smoking being hazardous to health, not just a ship is prohibited from the smoking habit on board, but also on a cigarette pack the dictum, `Smoking is injurious to Health’, is revealing no secret. If a lit cigarette butt or vaping fragments come in close contact with sensitive material that is combustible on the ship, there can be phenomenal explosions. If the material onboard has radioactive material, and the smoker is careless, there can be blazing flames of mind-boggling proportions. Ships that have electrical mains and other wiring can contract fires through a small cigarette spark glow. So, for ship security, the safety wall decal of No-Smoking is relevant onboard as much as it is relevant at docks and ports. Emergency situations can definitely arise, hence the safety decal to secure the ship, people, and sensitive cargo, from blow-ups.

2) Wet Floor Sign

Decks of cargo ships and other ships in general have this safety decal. Also, other parts, open-air spaces with wet surfaces or ice in cold weather or when ice is loaded on a ship, use this sign so that passengers don’t trespass, slip, or trip, and fall. Oil rigs are commonly cautioned with the ‘Wet Floor’ safety decal. It is for passenger safety and worker security. During inclement weather, the sticker which is made with durable sticker glue is stuck wherever the ship floors are wet with water, oil, grease, and other liquids. 

3) Hazard Sign

On a cargo ship carrying hazardous material that runs the risk of fires, the ‘Hazard’ safety wall decal will be put up. Cargo carrying chemical agents and loaded on a ship to occupy particular sections of the cargo ship will evoke the Hazardous sign. Officials on the ship will have to adhere to the safety norms and install the signboard in the form of a sizeable sticker. In the cargo, there can be chemicals, air pumps for respiration, and flammable and toxic contents which can adversely affect the people and come in contact with open flames, hence the wall decal.

There are some other signs, such as the good medical institution signs; however, many times an entire ship is represented with signs like these. If you are keen on wall decals for your cargo ship, get in touch with us. We will furnish your requests in the best way