How to Hang a Banner Correctly

How to Hang a Banner Correctly

Outdoor banners are a fantastic way to advertise your business in the town. Investing in banners is an affordable way to advertise on a large scale. A banner is made using varied techniques and designs to attract the audience. Work remains even after the banner is ready. It needs to be hanged on a place where it gets maximum exposure, as banners in Leduc help a lot to boost a business. Hanging a banner is an important step, but it’s not a heavy-duty job and does not require any complicated tools. You can hang the banner indoor or outdoor, on the wall fence, pole, or anywhere else you want. So here are some tips on how to hang banners correctly.


Pick up the perfect place to hang the banner. Your banner should be visible from where you are placing the banner. The place should not be dirty or have sharp edges because it can make your banner look untidy and the edges may even cut the banner. Take proper measurements of the place where you will place your banner. Taking measurements will make it easy for you to hang the banners and prepare the site if required.

Bungee Cords

Using bungee cords is the easiest and common technique of hanging a banner. All you need is to tie the strings or bungee cords through the grommet in the banner to an anchor point of your choice. All the sides need to be bound the same way. Make sure that the banner is being pulled from all the sides adequately.


Tying a rope is also one of the most common ways to hang a banner mostly nylon rope is used to tie the banner. There are no necessities for grommets in the banner; it can be tied through pole pockets too. The technique is very much similar to that of bungee cords; you need to tie the ropes through the pole pockets or grommets and tie them to an anchor point of your choice.

Washers and Screws

If you want to place your banner on a wall, you can use screws and washers. First, mark the places on the wall with a pencil where you want to hang the banner. Then place the hole in the corner of the banner over the washer and put the screw through it. That’s it you are done.

Standee Banners

Standee banners are a new technique to display banners with minimal work. Standee banners are light in weight and can be reused. They also get good visibility and can stand on a hard surface easily; don’t keep them at a place where the wind is strong. This is another new technique you can use for banners.

You can use any of the above methods to hang a banner according to your convenience. Reach out for us to advertise with the finest banners in Leduc. Our professionals will give you the perfect solution for your advertisement.