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4 Must-Haves for a Pylon Sign

Did you know that a pylon sign is an excellent tool to market your store and increase footfall? No? Well, then you are missing out! A large number of consumers said they had entered a store or business they had never visited before merely based on its sign. These huge, eye-catching signs erected with the help of a pole or post are visible from a considerable distance. So, if a person is struggling to find your store, or point of business, this signage can guide them easily.

So while selecting and designing a pylon signage, here are some must-have elements. By missing out on any of these must-haves, you can also miss out on attracting a lot of eyeballs to the signage and, consequently, footfall to the store.

1. Double-Sided Display

Unless you are planning to install your pylon sign just close to your store’s structure which will hide one side of the sign, you need to think about both sides of your pylon. Potential customers can come from any side. By having a one-sided display signage, you are only attracting people walking or driving from that particular side. People on the other side may not even know what your pylon sign looks like and won’t get to know about your store. Hence, make sure you have double-sided pylon signs with same display content on both sides.

2. Adequate Text

What is the purpose of your pylon sign? To let people know about your brand or business, right? So, your pylon sign needs to have your brand logo. Apart from that, if you are planning to include some text on it, you need to think through it. A pylon sign isn’t like a banner that you can use to provide a lot of information about your business, products or services, and contact details. Although it will be visible from a considerable distance, you can’t overcrowd the signage with a lot of content. Unlike banners, pylon signs are small and putting more text on them will only make them look cluttered. It is possible that the text may not even be visible. So decide what you want to include on your pylon and keep it to the minimum.

3. Right Height

We have talked a lot about signage being visible from far away. This means that your pylon must be of the right height. Too short and the pylon sign will only be visible to a person standing outside your store or a couple of stores away. The pylon signage should be at least 15 feet tall for it to grab enough attention. It can also be anywhere between 15-40 feet depending on your expectations, business need, and your city’s criteria.

4. Criteria Compliance

Some cities and provinces have certain signage criteria and limitations for outdoor signs. You need to know and understand these criteria so that you can design and install the right sign for your store. When you hire a reputed outdoor signage company for installing a pylon sign, it will help you find all your city criteria information, and may also complete the permitting process for you.

If your store is a rented property, your landlord may also have some strict guidelines and restrictions to follow. Talk to your landlord right when you’re negotiating your lease. Once you know what type of pylon sign you are allowed to have and how big and tall it can be, you can move ahead and meet all those criteria.

In the simplest of words, a pylon signage acts as the identity of your business and an attention-grabbing point for people who aren’t standing just outside your door. So see to it that you work with the right outdoor signage company and don’t miss out on any of these must-haves.