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What is a Pylon Sign?

When it comes to advertising, the first impression is the last impression. Companies rely on different types of outdoor advertising methods to promote their products and services. The different types of outdoor advertising methods include billboards, banners, signboards, pylon signs, etc. Pylon signs are one of the most common types of signboards used for advertising a product. The benefits of using pylon signs are many. In this article, let’s take a look at what is a pylon sign and where you should use it.

What is a Pylon Sign?

When driving on a freeway or highway, you must have noticed these high, sky-tall advertisement signs. These signs are known as pylon signs. Well, height isn’t the only striking feature of pylon signs. They are illuminated signs that are welded onto staged poles. A pylon sign is illuminated with LED lights so that it appears to be attractive in the night. Anything that seems attractive can easily grab people’s attention. Companies rely on these poles as they are useful in catching the attention of people from a certain distance. Pylon signs have a strong base made of steel or other metal and, therefore, they can withstand severe weather conditions. So, if you are looking for a long-term outdoor advertising solution, then pylon sign is an ideal option.

Where can you Place a Pylon Sign?

A pylon sign can be placed almost anywhere for people to view it. Some of the most common places where you would find a pylon sign are highways, metro stations, freeways, etc. If you own a business along the highways, a pylon sign can be ideal to attract passersby especially, the travellers. For instance, if people are travelling on a highway, a hotel pylon sign can notify them that there’s a hotel in the next 1-2 kms. As a result, when they view your pylon sign, they will be interested to visit your hotel if it is attractive and appealing to catch their attention. Once you are able to grab their attention, you can be sure to get increased footfalls in your restaurant or hotel.

You can rely on pylon signs to enhance your brand name and increase your sales. You can contact a local advertising company for the right type of pylon sign for your brand. An advertising sign provider can assist in creating creative outdoor sign rentals as well. Additionally, the company can also assist you in effectively planning on how you can develop and place your ad-sign for reaching out to a large audience to boost your profitability.