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Why Billboards are Still Effective

With the online and social media world literally at everyone’s fingertips, a question you may be asking yourself is – Are billboards still effective? Billboards are definitely not the cheapest form of advertisement; add to that, there is a controversy over whether the billboards actually convert people and bring them to your store.

However, contrary to popular belief, billboards are still effective and here’s why having them benefits your business.

Unavoidable Billboards

You can scroll down an online ad and you can flip through a newspaper ad, however, billboards are large, big, and visually impressive. Our human eyes can’t help but notice it.

Furthermore, Calgary drivers spend 71 hours stuck in traffic.

Drivers and passengers inadvertently see billboard ads.

You take advantage of such a massive audience base who have nothing to do but look at the billboards around them.

The Where Matters

A big concern with advertisers is how can they connect with the right audience. Putting a billboard for everyone to see won’t make a difference if they are the wrong audience and not interested in what your business has to offer.

You can target the right audience for your billboards. What needs to be done is place it at the right location. For example, if you run a fashion apparel store, Kensington Road would be the place to put your billboard. Kensington Road is a fashion and shopping hub in Calgary and that’s where your customer base is present. It would even be better if your fashion apparel store is located at Kensington Road.

By placing billboards where your audience is present, you target customers who will actually purchase your brand.


Billboards are a powerful credibility tool. What is credibility? Your brand should be considered safe and trustworthy. Two dime stores are frequently open and shut in Canada. You want to stand out from them.

The moment your billboard is up, your business gains credibility. You tell customers that your business can afford to advertise and it is not a two dime store.


Billboards are not a magic trick and pull customers to your store, however, what they do is play on recall.

Your billboard will make an impression on your customers. They aren’t going to swerve from the road and drop into your store immediately, but your brand name has entered their memory.

Billboards bank on recall.


You are spending money on your billboard. Good billboard designs are… good. But truly creative ones are worth looking over, twice.

billboard designs

There are so many great advertisements out there because of their creativity and innovation will be recalled by your audience.

If you have competitors who are also advertising, you can conduct guerrilla advertising which is noticeable.

great advertisements out there

So when are you setting up your own?

The bottomline is that billboards should not be thrown out of your marketing strategy. Billboards are still an effective marketing and sales tool. If you are eliminating it from your list, then you’re definitely missing out on a channel that can increase your sales if used right.