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4 Tips for Using Wall Graphics

Wall graphics are your way to decorate and enhance the looks of your office or home space. They are stickers which can be easily applied and removed. Wall graphics are also called vinyl graphics and can be applied to any surface, for example, glass brick, cement block, etc. Wall graphics are most commonly used to create memorable customer experience or to motivate employees. Listed below are a few tips for applying wall graphics.

1. Clean and Assess your Wall

Make sure you clean your wall for no residue of dust particles. A clean drywall is extremely important for the vinyl to stick. The wall should not be damp, else the vinyl will not stick. Also, if your walls are freshly painted, wait till they are a 100% dry and only then apply your wall graphics. Assess your wall and figure out where would you like to stick it on the wall. Ensure you mark the area so that the wall graphic does not end up out of alignment.

2. Use a Glue Stick

Have you faced issues sticking vinyl graphics? Does it happen that the edges tend to peel off? Well, the solution to it is using a glue stick. This is more of a hack than tips for applying wall decals. If you are using words or cut outs and those peel off, you can use a glue stick which will act as an adhesive to stick the vinyl back on.

3. Make Letters More Flexible Using a Hair Dryer

A hair dryer can be used in places which have not stuck properly. Ensure you do not heat the vinyl too much as it will burn the vinyl which can melt the vinyl. If you melt the vinyl it is going to be costly removing the whole graphic and putting another one.

4. Use a Scale

To give final touches, you can use a scale to level out the bumps and make sure that the vinyl is level. This just a quick check whether everything is proper. If not you can refer to point 2 and 3. Thus, remember to use a scale otherwise it may leave the wall graphic looking bad.

Now that you know tips for applying wall graphics, ensure you follow these steps. Graphics can be done by yourself but a professional will do a much better job.