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Light up the night with illuminated outdoor signs

Working and living in Alberta, Canada we know the sun sets early for much of the year.  This means that traditional business signage spends 14+ hours in the dark for much of the year. If your business is looking to attract more customers after the sun goes down, then illuminated outdoor signs are a must. Not only are they eye-catching, but they can also be a great way to advertise special deals or promotions.

Outdoor illuminated signs

Outdoor illuminated signs cover a wide range of products, and depending on what your business needs, there’s usually a solution. 

Take a look at this beauty boutique in Calgary.  While their sign is easy to read in daylight and dusk, it really pops at night!

Polished Beauty Boutique sign
M and M Food Market sign at night

On the other hand, this retail store has a simple bold brand that is easy to see against the white background during the day, and at night the bright white sign is eye-catching and effective.

If your mall or plaza offers signage on a pylon (that’s the tall pillars or boards found closer to the street) these are usually lit at night, and can offer an even better opportunity for passers-by to know you’re in business.

Pylon signs at night

If your plaza doesn’t offer an illuminated option, there are creative ways to make sure your message is getting across – even in the dark. 

Oliver Place sign at night

Indoor Illuminated Signs

If your store is inside a mall, an illuminated sign can make the difference between your customers’ eyes passing you over, or lingering a while. This slight edge not only makes it easier for customers to find you, but it can improve their ability to remember your brand too!

Dental FX illuminated sign

Outdoor LED signs

Of course, temporary portable LED graphic signs are a great option for ANY business, whether your business goals are sales, engagement, or just awareness.  Temporary portable LED graphic signs work for you day and night, and you can change them up to keep your messaging fresh.   Take a look at how great these two signs look in a day/night comparison.

Walk in XRay signs
Evario signs day and night

Don’t leave your business in the dark

Whether it’s a temporary portable LED graphic sign, or a light-up sign on or in your building, these types of signs are sure to grab attention any season, and any time of day.

If you’re looking to light up the night and bring in more business, then illuminated signs are the way to go.

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