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LED Signage Mistakes to Avoid

There’s no doubt that LED signages look so attractive and eye-catching. Which is why more and more businesses of different types and sizes have been trying their luck with LED signages and hoardings. If you too are planning to do the same, it is a great decision. But success can come your way only when you avoid the following mistakes.

Content Mistakes

While designing an LED signage, we tend to make several mistakes like typos, too much content, misleading content, and visually appealing content. These mistakes can lead to a total waste of your money and resources. Avoid this mistake by putting less content on your LED signages. Let the content be minimal and readable. Include only essential information on the signages for complete success.

Placing at Sunny Points

What’s the biggest pain point for flashy LED signages and displays? Sunshine! When you install these signs at a spot that receives immense sunlight, the sunlight will affect the appearance and people won’t be able to see what you are trying to say. Hence, make sure you choose the right location to put up LED signages where they’ll give you the best return on investment.

Too Many Colours

Remember, too many bright colours can only blind your target audiences. Instead of seeing what you have on your LED signages, your potential customers will look away to prevent any irritation to their eyes. Which is why you must pick only one colour for the signages. And when picking one-coloured lights, opt for something that’s soothing to the eyes and not irritating.

Inappropriate Size

When it comes to the size of your LED signage, you should be careful. Ideally, big signages shouldn’t be a problem. But if you put up something too big, then you won’t have space for other things like window graphics and storefront signs. And too small LED signs are a complete waste as people won’t be able to read and understand what’s there on the signs. Therefore, talk to your signage company to decide the right size of LED signages.

If you are looking for the best returns for your efforts and resources, make sure to avoid these mistakes. Have any questions? Call Alberta Sign Rentals on 1-780-466-4215 today. We are happy to assist you in planning, implementing, testing and all other areas of your LED signages and other outdoor signs.