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4 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Storefront Signs

What is it that will attract people towards your tiny (or big) store? A public announcer or a town crier? Obviously not, it’s not the eighteenth or nineteenth century. A storefront sign is the actual answer for that question. These huge and attractive signages can tell people standing feet away about your business, and even bring them to your store.

But it happens only if you consider the following things and design the right storefront for your store.

1) Local Regulations

Nobody wants to put efforts into getting their storefront signage designed, getting them up, and then realizing that they don’t meet the local zoning regulations. It is a total waste of resources and time, and extremely disappointing for a store-owner. Therefore, to start with, know the restrictions and permissions according to the local governing body. You may not know, but the zoning commission has restrictions for size, material, colour, language, or location. So study the bylaws and regulations for signages in detail before planning your storefront sign.

2) Cost

Do you think that the cost of getting a storefront sign is only its purchase price? If yes, then you are mistaken because a storefront is an investment that needs upkeep as well. Installing a sign outside your store will cost you regularly. The final cost every month may include the maintenance costs (replacing, repairing, or enhancing the functions), energy consumption (energy used by bulbs inside the signage), and additional cost if you opt for a custom-made storefront from time to time. So consider all of these, plan your budget, and then buy a storefront sign.

3) Design

While it is acceptable to think outside the box and come up with creative ideas for your storefront, you must also keep in mind what will actually look good to your potential customers. Firstly, the design (including graphics and fonts) should reflect the essence of your business. If you have a hair salon or toy store, you can opt for funky visuals and creative fonts. But if you are a physician, go for something subtle. The sign should clearly declare what products or services you offer. Secondly, consider the size of your fonts; they should be easy-to-read from a few feet. Thirdly, choose colours carefully. People may simply look away if you opt for too bright and flashy-coloured visuals. The design should be simple, appealing, and explanatory to attract eyeballs and foot traffic.

4) Type

If the thought of putting up a storefront just crossed your mind but you didn’t put much thought to it, maybe you should do it before you start planning. You should find out various types of storefront signages available in Calgary. Some of the most common types include plywood, fabric, metal, painted glass, and awning storefront signs. These signages can be plain or lit with bulbs inside them. Talk to your outdoor advertiser for details of each of these types. Based on which option suits your purpose, expectations, and budget, choose the ideal fit.

You should always approach professional storefront designers to ensure that you get what you planned for within your budget. Professionals eliminate any chances of mistakes and provide the right signage that complies with local regulations as well.