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How to Choose the Location for Billboards?

Do you have a brilliant idea for your billboard campaign that could generate business sales but doesn’t know how to choose the right location for it? If yes, then well, you are not alone. Many business owners can’t choose the right site for their billboard when it comes to signages for outdoor marketing campaigns.

Before you start finalising the location for your billboard, you need to consider several factors such as:

The Position

Firstly, focus on the distance. The proximity of your billboard from your office or store is the key to drive more customers to your business. For instance, if you are promoting an offer at your restaurant, you need to put up the billboard within five miles from your business. Advertising your billboard within the walkable distance or a short drive can drive people easily to your business.

Secondly, think about positioning. Imagine if your signages are placed on the right side of the road facing the oncoming traffic, who do you think will read the billboard? In most cases, the board is visible to the driver if it is on the left side. Therefore, consider the angle, distance, and the height of the billboard so that you can target a lot of potential customers.

The Target Audience

Conveying your message to the right audience can make a significant impact on your business. It is vital to understand the audience when you design the billboard. Understand the demographics such as age, education, average income, etc. Find out places that have the largest amount of footfall of your target demographics. Identify the right spots and put up your billboards on these places for maximum exposure of your signages.

The High Visibility Spots

If your audience is driving down an empty road with 65 mph, would they able to see the billboard to digest your message? Of course, not. If you are aiming for the drivers to read your billboard, try placing the board where there is a possibility to reduce the speed from 65 mph to 30 mph. Places such as near the traffic signals or at the intersection of roads provide enough time for your billboard to make an impression.

The Competency

The fewer the billboards around, the more your billboard will stand out. Before choosing the location, consider the environmental factors that affect mobile signs. Find out if your rival business also advertises their billboards in the area. If you find a place where your competitors have put up their signages, skip the spot and look for something else. You surely don’t want to confuse your potential customers.

Billboards can spell out big opportunities no matter how you design them. Find the best billboard location among hundreds of ideal locations to stand out and let millions of eyes see your signage.