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5 Signs to Tickle Your Funny Bone

Ways To Use Humour To Catch Your Audience’s Attention

When we look for signage to use for our business, we want to be eye-catching and unique. Our goal is to attract and entice customers to come in through the use of design, appeal, and sometimes a touch of humour. We have compiled some really creative ideas to inspire you in your signage choices.

1. Storefront signage

Geno's Steaks photo layering signage example

This is a great example of layering signage. Layering signage is done by using multiple different ways or pieces to attract customers or express your brand. In the photo above the use of multiple exterior signage Large exterior signs combined with billboards and neon signs draws your eye to the building. While this might be too much for some companies, this is a part of the Geno’s Steaks brand.

2. Banner signage

Humorous train station sign

Safety with humor. We like the sarcasm of this one.

3. Storefront signage

Locksmith sign

Sometimes locksmiths have the best words of inspiration. A little tongue in cheek humour can give potential customers a giggle as they drive by, but at the end of the day it is memorable.

4. Wayfinding signage

Wayfinding signage

Purposeful, practical and pretty! This use of wayfinding signage is fantastic to be noticed and stand out. Our blog about 5 great examples of wayfinding signage has more great ideas!

5. Billboard Signage

Irish pub sign

This pub sign is a fantastic example of using font sizes and weight to make customers stop and read your sign. Pubs are lucky enough to be able to use more  humor in their signage due to their industry.

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