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4 Mistakes Businesses Make When Renting A Sign

If you’re thinking of renting a portable sign for your storefront, there are a few things you should consider while making your decision. To learn about the most common mistakes businesses make when renting signs, check out this article.

1. Your logo or business name is too small 

Portable signs graphic comparing logo sizes

Lots of businesses decide on a sign rental, but don’t think about how quickly people will be viewing the sign as they drive by. While your message is important, you’ll want your viewers to know who you are as well. For instance, 40% off is a great deal, but if your viewers can’t tell where to get the discount, the message is worthless.

If your business name or logo isn’t obvious or memorable, your customers won’t associate your message with your business, and they’ll never make it in to see you. 

2. Your sign is the wrong size

Graphic comparing size of signs

Along with your logo, potential customers need to be able to read the message or offer that you’re promoting on your sign. For this reason, smaller temporary signs do better on slower roadways or pedestrian thoroughfares, while larger temporary signs are more easily visible from faster roads with more lanes of traffic. 

For your sign, consider using fewer words and more direct imagery to capture eyes and minds. If your brand has memorable or identifiable logos or colours, take advantage of that.Think of like the golden arches, or the  little Caesar’s pizza-eating character in the orange toga. Simple, visual messaging stays in the memory for longer than a longer string of text.

3. You don’t change your messaging often enough.

Graphic showing new sign messaging

If your sign is placed along a commuter route, like entering or exiting a residential area, it will be seen by hundreds of eyes every day. if your sign message stays the same for months on end, it will blend in with the background and become invisible. Periodically changing your messaging, your offer, or your imagery provides a point of interest to the commuters eye, and your brand will become more memorable over time. 

4. Your sign is in the wrong place

Graphic example of sign location.

You may believe that placing your portable sign right outside your store is the best idea, but that limits your viewers to those who are already right on your doorstep. If you’re trying to expand your market, consider placing your sign in an area that will attract the new visitors you want, but not so far away that they have no chance of coming in. 

You could place your sign near relevant complementary or competitor businesses, near areas that your target market visits frequently like schools, playgrounds or grocery stores, or in areas where you know they’ll have time to see your sign frequently, such as near traffic lights, stop signs, or parking lots. It is, however, important to know the bylaws around sign placement in order to avoid fines or bad publicity that could hurt the reputation of your business.

Don’t make these mistakes

ASR ensures your sign delivers a strong message by avoiding these pitfalls. We are experts in the temporary sign rental industry, and we can help you avoid these signage slip-ups, navigate signage placement bylaws, and even negotiate placement and pricing with your strip centre or mall!

Your business needs signage, so, reach out to us for a consultation! No matter where you are in Alberta, we’d be happy to answer your questions, and help you advertise with eye-catching portable temporary signs.