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Importance Of Location For Billboard Advertising

Billboards are an excellent outdoor advertising tool. If done right, advertisers can connect with their audience. Even if their billboards are well-designed, their campaign may fail. This can happen if they are not rightly positioned. For successful billboard advertising, you need to position them in the right location. Location plays a major role in determining the success of billboard advertising and here’s why.

Attracting the Right Audience

Defining your target audience is an essential part of marketing. Connecting with the right audience is one of the goals of billboard advertising. Position billboards keeping your target audience in mind. This ensures maximum exposure.


If the billboard is placed behind obstructions, like trees, poles, buildings or wires, no one will read it. Obstructions make it difficult to read, it frustrates the reader and creates a negative impression of your brand. It tells the readers that you haven’t paid enough attention to the placement of your billboard. Billboards that are placed in clear visibility get noticed and leave a positive impact.

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Within Legible Distance

How far away is your billboard from the street or road? If it’s too far, no one is going to read it. You can’t expect your readers to stop the vehicle, squint and read your billboard.

Ensure that your billboard is close enough for passersby to read. The general rule is that your billboard should be easily readable within 50 meters from where it is set up.

Additionally, take height into consideration. Too high or too low and your reader won’t be able to catch it.

Traffic Count

Billboards attract maximum attention on a heavily travelled road. Research the traffic count of the area where you are planning to place your billboard. The more traffic count, the more eyes fall on your billboard.

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Within Reach

Selecting a location close to your place of business gives easy access to the audience. This is especially important in case of food joints and restaurants. If your goal is to direct the viewer to your place of business, then it is sensible to place your billboard in close proximity of your business.

Avoid Clutter

You can find innumerable billboards on highways and local streets. Your billboard will be lost in a cluttered environment. But, if stationed in area with a few billboards, your advertisement will stand out.

If your billboard is not placed correctly, then multiple things may go wrong:

  • No one sees it

  • Everyone sees it, but they can’t read it

  • The people who see it aren’t your target audience

Keep the above points in mind and choose a billboard location that has the audience you want. This way, you communicate your message successfully. Professionals in billboard advertising can guide you design and chose the perfect location for your billboard. A well-designed billboard if positioned right makes a lasting impression in the mind of the viewer.