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How to choose the best sign for your business

No matter what location your business operates in, you need to find out which type of sign will attract your potential customers. There are different kinds of signs, so choosing the right one is essential. Read this article and learn how to choose the best sign for your business.

Signs for retail businesses in plazas

If your business is a retail business in a plaza or strip mall, you should consider storefront signage, window and door signage, as well as temporary portable LED signage. Here’s why:

Storefront signage

Most plazas or strip malls have spaces allocated to each business to advertise the business below. Depending on your lease agreement, these storefront signs may be back lit, front lit, or not illuminated at all.  If your budget allows, having signage that is somehow illuminated will advertise your business 24/7, rather than just during daylight hours.  

Making sure your branding really pops against the background is another key factor in your decision making.  If your lease allows you to negotiate and install fresh, new, eye-catching signage, we highly recommend it. 

An image of the front of a pharmacy.

Window and door signage

The more visual space you can capture in your plaza means the more of your consumer market you can attract.  Window and door signage is made of removable vinyl, and is an effective way to enforce your messaging, and show your potential customers what lies inside.  As an added bonus, this type of signage can provide a little privacy for your shoppers, and deter would-be thieves  without sacrificing daylight in the store.

An image of a house, with the garage door replaced by windows with colourful decals on them, advertising the business within.

Temporary portable LED signage

This is one of our highest recommended and most popular offerings, especially for businesses in plazas or strip malls.  While traffic zooms by, they may not be able to clearly see your storefront signs. With an LED sign, you can capture their eyes and imaginations as they drive by.  In a previous blog we found that 80% of your market lives or works within 5 miles of your store, and by advertising to them on their commute, they’ll see your offer 50-60 times in a month.

Signs for home-based businesses

Home-based businesses are a popular option for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, creatives, and personal service providers like nail technicians, massage therapists, or hair stylists.   When advertising a business operating out of your home, your neighbours may not appreciate a large illuminated sign, so here are a few options that might help keep the peace in your neighbourhood. 

Custom Art Prints

When offering a service in your home, the easiest way to maintain a professional aesthetic is to create a beautiful space that radiates the values of your business.  A Custom Art Print lets you get very specific about how your space looks and feels – this could be abstract art, a print of your offerings, or even your logo in your business colours.

Banners and Stand Banners

An easy and storage-friendly way to display your brand, your offerings or your values is a custom banner on an x stand.  Beautifully designed and easily movable, these are a popular option for those who need to take their business out to conferences, trade shows, or festivals. 

Coroplast lawn sign

Coroplast is a corrugated plastic material that functions like cardboard. It is durable, lightweight, and incredibly cost-effective.  You’ve probably seen coroplast signs during elections, or as signs of support for a particular cause or initiative. Coroplast signs come in just about any size or colour you can imagine, and their durability allows them to last for months or years.

An image of a lawn sign. It’s white, and has in rainbow print Hate has no home here, with various symbols of inclusion and love.

These signs easily affix to lawns, fences, railings, and are unobtrusive enough to place in your yard, or along public boulevards and green spaces.  Make sure you check your local bylaws for placement rules.

Signs for Food Trucks

Food trucks are on the move, so you need signage that moves with you!  

A Frame signs

A frame signs are an exceptional option for food truck owners. A frame signs are made of durable coroplast, and can be displayed on grass, cement or asphalt with no issue. When it’s time to pack up and move, the frame folds flat and can be stored in a relatively small space.


No matter the weather, a vinyl banner will do the work. With a few well placed hooks, your banner can come in and out of the truck and display your menu, your special event, or your innovative food truck name. 

Signs for businesses in a mall or office building

If your business operates in a building like a mall or office building, you could take advantage of any of the signs mentioned above.

Window and door signage

Many office buildings don’t have the above-shop signage that malls or plazas have, but they DO offer walls, doors and windows that you might be able to enhance. Window, wall and door decals are a temporary way to add a pop of colour, a touch of privacy, and to display your very distinctive branding.

Temporary portable LED signage

If your operation is inside of a building the challenge is to reach the eyes of those who are not yet inside, and convince them to come in and have a look.

A Temporary portable LED sign placed strategically near your building will help let passers-by know you’re there, and communicate any offers or deals. These signs come in a variety of sizes, and remain illuminated all night long. 

an image with two signs side by side - one in the day light, one at the night time, showing how the sign is illuminated at night.

Signs for every business

Every type of business can benefit from signage, and with a little creativity you can find the right type of sign for your unique situation.  If you’d like help or guidance finding the right sign fit for your business’ location and budget, get in touch with us!  We provide 5-star service, and look forward to hearing from you.