Choosing the Right Storefront Signage for Your Business

Choosing the Right Storefront Signage for Your Business

As you go outside your house and walk down the street, the first things that catches your attention are storefront signs. It could be of familiar brands like Zara and IKEA or lesser known brands. In a way, they are the primary initiators for you to enter the store (the store sales personnel come later on).

You may have not given this a thought, but a lot of planning and effort goes into the making of storefront signage. We work closely with our clients to give them the best-suited storefront signage.

So, lets talk about how to go about choosing the right storefront signage you need.

Understand the Different Types of Store Signs

There are different types of storefront signs for you to choose from. If you want a low budget option, then the painted glass sign can be a great option. It can spruce up the aesthetic appeal of your store without hurting your pocket. If you love going old-school, then try out the metal signboard. It is sturdy and durable. For those of you who don’t mind a high-maintenance option, fabric signs can be a good option. Other storefront signages include plywood storefront sign, rock storefront sign, and glass tube light storefront sign.

Take a Look at the Competitors

It’s never a bad idea to keep a tab on what your competitors are doing. You will be able to quickly gauge what works for the audience and what doesn’t. This information can be crucial in making your final decision.

Check for Legalities

Before you proceed with your storefront signage purchase, make sure you check for legal limitations surrounding storefront signs. Some provinces barely have any restrictions whereas others are particular about what should go on your storefront sign.

Choose a Renowned Sign Rental Company

Lastly, invest in a good storefront signage company. Look around and enquire about reputed sign rental companies in Edmonton. Take factors such as reputation, installation cost, years of experience, and availability of options into consideration while making your pick. The installation cost for a storefront sign depends on the man hours and type of storefront signage you choose. You would also want to look for a company that offers maintenance services along with cleaning facilities.

In the end, make sure you form an informed decision to ensure you get the best services for your investment. We provide quality advertising signage solutions for a variety of clients. Reach out to us to see our past projects in the area of storefront signage for your business.