Are A-Frame Signs Helpful For Restaurants?

Are A-Frame Signs Helpful For Restaurants?

A-frame signs are popularly seen outside every restaurant nowadays. They urge us to stop and look at the pleasing sign and read the content on it. A cute cafe with the lettered font is what comes to mind when we think of an A-frame sign. The A-frame signs benefit in several ways, but are these A-frame signs effective to restaurants in terms of outdoor signage? Let us find out how these signs help culinary establishments.


More and more restaurants are opting for A-frame signs because of the easy-to-do visuals. A-frame signs already look incredibly pleasing to the eyes, but with the right design and content, it gets enhanced even more. This type of sign allows the designer to let creativity flow as there are not many restrictions when it comes to designing an A-frame sign. A-frame signs come in a variety of styles such as metal A-frames, erasable message boards, wind A-frame signs, etc. There are also one-sided and two-sided signs. You could opt for depending on what kind of message your restaurant has to put up – discounts, announcements, special or daily menu or just something else. The sign not only looks great but also creates a brand image of the restaurant to the passers-by. Keep in mind that you have to even layout a good design for the sign.

Low Cost

A-frame signs are inexpensive and one of the most cost-effective forms of outdoor marketing. The price variations occur with the difference in style and size of the A-frame sign. A restaurant is a full-fledged business with a budget that is less than a quarter of their income to spend on marketing. Along with the resource budgeting, wage distribution and interiors of all the outlets, outdoor advertising is probably the last thing that will cross their mind. Thus, an A-frame sign is beneficial when it comes to the budgeting of a restaurant.


The signs are portable as they can be folded and stored or carried to another place. Usually, the A-frame signs are made with the A-frame as the name suggests and an insert to put up for content in the middle of the sign. This board will have the content to be displayed. In roller A-frames, the board is a fabric material and can roll up, while in erasable boards, it can be reused for different purposes every day. For restaurants, reusable A-frame signs help because the passers-by get to see the menu for that day and then decide whether they want to enter or not. Such a sign gives the restaurant a chance to lure the customers by displaying dishes’ mouth-watering names.


These signs, irrespective of their placement, are difficult to be missed. If you place these inside the restaurant, preferably near the counter or valet counter, there are chances that the customer feels something important is written and will not refrain from reading it. If you place them outside, there is a high possibility that one in every five people will enter. Try displaying the menu or discounts for the day. If there are some universal or national days taking place, you want to be sure to put an A-frame with some celebratory message on it. People are most likely going to look out for such words on holidays.

Now that you know how an A-frame sign helps restaurants, contact a reputed sign rental company to help you out with designing the sign and installing it outside your restaurant.