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Drive customer engagement with temporary portable LED signs

Not all signs are created equal. If your  business is renting a portable LED sign you need it to work hard for your business and drive results!

What result are you looking for? Engagement!  How many times have you driven or walked past a sign and thought “oh, that’s nice”, but never followed up on it?  You don’t want that for your business. You want your viewers to take action.  

People are busy, distractible, and forgetful. To be effective, temporary signs have to defeat these obstacles of human nature. 

Catch their eyes: Put your sign in the right place.

People are busy, so your sign needs to meet them where they are.  A well placed sign will catch your customers at some point during their normal day.  

  • On their commute to work (if your offering is part of their work life)
  • On their commute home (If your offering is part of their home life)
  • Near their grocery store, pharmacy, or daycare
  • Near their mechanic, hardware store, or recreation centre

An important thing to consider when placing your temporary or portable LED sign near roadways is to make it visible from a distance. Drivers are trained to look ahead as they drive, and the faster they’re going, the further ahead they’ll be looking. 

Urban drivers look ahead by a block or more, so make sure your sign is clearly visible from a distance.

A temporary portable LED sign with a man and a woman on it. Words read Care Denture Clinic: Seniors. Call to see if you qualify for free dentures.
This sign would get more engagement when placed near a seniors home or medical centre than it would if it was close to an elementary school or fitness centre.

Keep their attention: Design your sign for easy reading.

People are distractible, and if you don’t capture their attention in 1-3 seconds, you’ve lost them.

Here’s how you can design your sign so your message hits home. 

  • Use colours that will pop against the surroundings. 
  • On the sign itself, use high contrast colour and text. . 
  • Images can be distracting. People are drawn to faces
  • Make it visible from a distance – drivers are looking down the road.

A temporary portable LED sign with an image of a dog on it. Words say Global Pet Foods. A different breed of pet store is coming soon.
This sign has simple bold lettering that draws the eyes to the important text first “Coming soon”, and then to the image of the dog, or the store name.

Stay top of mind: Be memorable in a world of distractions.

People are forgetful. Our attention span is short and because we see 4,000 – 10,000 ads a day, our memory is even worse.

Here are some tactics to consider when designing your temporary portable LED sign.

  • Short messages are 90% more effective at driving engagement. This is because short messages are easier to recall than long messages.
  • Make your call to action clear and actionable. What do you want them to do? Turn here, sign up, call now?  You’ll notice that these are also short phrases. 
  • Use faces in your designs – people’s brains are already wired to pay attention to faces, so using an image of a person in your ad will increase the time people spend looking at your sign.
  • Use colours that align with your brand. If the words get forgotten, the brain will recall colours and shapes that spark memory and action.

A temporary portable LED sign in red, black and white. Lettering says Coming soon: Liquor Blvd.
This sign has a small logo with a memorable 6-sided shape. The important information “Liquor Blvd.” And “Coming soon” capture the eye first, and the abbreviation paired with the hexagon are easy to remember.

Trust the experts

If you’ve got questions about how to make your message check all these boxes, get in touch with us today!  Our on-site designers are ready and waiting to help make your Portable LED sign work for your business.

You can reach out to us through the contact page on our website. If you’re in Calgary or southern Alberta, you can email us, or call . If you’re in Edmonton or Northern Alberta, you can email or call us here.