5 Critical Types of Signage no Retailer Should Miss Out On

5 Critical Types of Signage no Retailer Should Miss Out On

For a retail outlet, there are only two ways to ensure that enough customers keep pouring into their store. One is by being able to produce whatever the customer needs (that is, by ensuring that your product range takes into account the customer preferences) and by coming up with appealing signage that provides the customers with that much-needed push. But, that’s merely telling you about one use of a signage, there are more benefits you ought to consider. Let us take you through the many distinctive types of signage and explain to you just how important they are to a retailer.

1.    Front Door Signage (External)

Do you intend to display to the world that you’re open? Or that your store opens at a certain hour every day? Perhaps you want the customers to be aware of the fact that you have an on-going promotional offer that the customers can’t miss out on. In either case, your store has a utility for a front door signage. Also, ask your sign rental company to use a waterproof material, you don’t want humidity and rain to play spoilsport.

2.    Pavement Signage (External)

A pavement signage is so effective at attracting customers that retailers aren’t the only ones who use them, all sorts of establishments (think restaurants, think pubs) use them. The main purpose of using a pavement signage is to display to the world that your store is offering an irresistible offer that customers just can’t miss. And, what that essentially tells you is that you can’t miss out on such an effective signage.

3.    Location Headers (Internal)

Location header is the only thing that separates a well-organized retail store from a chaotic retail store (even if you have cared about organizing your store). How does that happen? Well, a location header is the only piece of signage that helps you guide your customers through the many sections that exist within your store.

4.    Promotional Signage (Internal)

Promotional signage refers to the indoor signage that helps your customers learn more about a particular scheme or offer that applies to specific sections or products within your store. These tend to be very cost-effective (your sign rental company will tell you all about it) and are ideal for temporary promotional advertising. You will have the option of choosing between a whole range of size and depth with each of this signage.

5.    Floor Graphics (Internal)

Floor graphics have more than just one use. They can be used to add designing value to a floor and it also helps customers navigate through your store. The best part about using floor graphics is the fact that you optimize space as such a signage doesn’t need additional space.  The popularity of floor graphics is such that retailers and department stores aren’t the only ones using it. Hospitals, large educational campuses, and museums also use them.

Now, the only unaddressed question remains: where do you get all these kinds of signage? With a sign rental company such as ours! We are sure our range of products is sufficient to meet your diverse requirements.